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Rambo: The Video Game

See Seven Seconds Of Rambo: The Video Game Gameplay In Vine Video

It's not much, but a new Vine video from Reef Entertainment showcases the three knives Rambo will be using in the upcoming video game.

Rambo: The Video Game is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC early this year with some retailers pointing to a February release date, but no concrete release date has been announced. If you pre-order the game, you can get your hands on a Rambo bobble head, which you can see a collection of in the Vine video above.

For more on the game, including the latest and previous trailers, head here and here.

[Source: @ReefEntertain]

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  • The craziest thing about this game is how sincere they are about it. I think they believe they made next big thing. It's like watching a toddler trying to sweep the floor. So much failure, yet so much heart.
  • You just have to feel sorta bad for designers who put effort into these games and see it end up as a big failure.

  • Phew.......

  • Wow! This looks like *runs to the bathroom and pukes, but not before punching his neighbor* game of the year material...

  • Id rather be junk punched 7 times by a midget dressed like Gandolf and pushed down a flight of steep stairs than play this game. Smh.....

  • I'd like to see half of you people in the comments even get close to making a game,let alone program one yourselves. I'm sure the people who worked on this game are proud of what they've done.
  • This has Ride To Hell Retribution written all over it.
  • This game is going to be a sleeper hit... That is my prediction.
  • Those knife kills remind me of C.O.D

  • What if this turned out to be awesome?

  • Surprised that it's not being released on PS2. Shablam.

  • This looks like it could become one of those its so bad its great titles. Or something of a drinking game. Every time you knife somebody you or your buddy do you best Stallone impersonation and say " I am the LAW!" and take a shot.

  • holy crap!!!! does that still frame pic look like adam sandler as rambo or too funny.

  • Why is it that every single gaming publication I've seen seems to be following every single thing that comes from the developers of this game? Is it morbid curiosity, or merely nostalgic hopes?

  • this will be so awesome for all th ewrong reasons...can't wait! rykert review, now!

  • When will GameStop put this up for pre-order?
  • Go figure if its following the movies then at the end of rambo 1 we are gonna have to listen to rambo cry and talk like he did at the end of rambo 1 movie which was just horrrible and couldnt understand one word he was saying at the end to trautman lol

  • Just why?.... ok.... just why? First of all if they where gonna make a rambo game then they should have given it a fresh story line rather than it follow the movies. Why not make the story modern day set in like iraq or iran. But to call the game rambo: the video game.... lol come on now, how lame is that? lol. Well is anybody getting the game? Because i think if i go to a flea market and see it for $5 just maybe ... just maybe i will buy it. but to go to your local game store and get this brand new, you gotta be on drugs or something cause this game is gonna suck

  • This has got to be some kind of joke.