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New Pokémon X And Y Trailer Reveals Three New Mega Evolutions

With the reveal of the Mega Evolution, we were treated to the new forms of Mewtwo, Lucario, and Blaziken. The newest trailer for Pokémon X and Y reveals the Mega Evolutions for Ampharos, Absol, and Mawile.

The trailer premiered during the closing of the 2013 Pokémon World Championships. For more on the new Mega Evolutions, as well as new Super Training, and the latest Gym Leader, head here.

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  • i can't wait. this will be my first pokemon ever. i have x preordered. :)
  • "Okay, so here's the plan. We are going to make the next evolutionary effect similar to that of the Saiyans, specifically that of the super saiyan 3; temporary and with longer hair" I'm still hoping for mega magikarp.
  • because lucario and mewtwo weren't powerful enough already......

  • Mod
    Mega Absol looks beast! BEAST, I SAY. BEEEEEEAAASSSSSSST! I must have it mate with Gardevoir, ASAP! We will make the ultimate Pokemon. Mate, mate, mate.

    While I watch, of course.
  • I don't understand why they took one of the most iconic Pokemon in the franchises history, Mewtwo, and made is "mega" evolution so drastically different.

    None of the others look all that different. In fact most of them just seem to have grow longer hair/fur/etc. Mewtwo completely changed his entire look.

    Just my opinion but I'm not a fan of his mega evolution form at all. I think they could have down other things to him to make him look cool for it than what they did.
  • sold.

  • Since this is the official reveal, I guess my comment about Mega Absol on the other page was a little bit of a unintentional spoiler. Not like spoilers matter when discussing our great lord Mega Absol though.

    Also, since I don't believe the articles have mentioned it yet, the mega evolutions change more than just stats, apparently giving the Pokémon new abilities, and even new types, such as in the change of Mega Ampharos, which becomes the fricken Dovahkiin. On a much tamer note, the mega evolutions are limited to only one per battle, and if you didn't pay attention before, they can only be used in battle.
  • I just can't get over how freaking cool Mega Ampharos looks. He's always been one of my favorite Pokemon but that wooly hair is amazing. Also, I hope they take the suggestion I saw on Twitter and make a Mega Smeargle with Bob Ross' head.
  • Well we knew about this before(thanks to corocoro), but seing the others Megamon in accion make me get my hype up, so far this is the gen with more changes of all(gen 2 introduced 2 types and gen 3 changed a lot of mechanics). Also i wonder how this will afect Super Smash Bros. roster(Mewtwo and Lucario are getting Mega evolution so it could mean someting for Smash)?
  • Pokemon sucks now, it never changes. Oh look, new features! Pokemon sucks now, it keeps changing.

  • Slowpoke reports the news apparently

  • Im mega excited

  • The music and announcer in this trailer are terrible. They remind me of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for some reason lol.
  • I know I'm going to come off as the bad guy here, but seeing this and how Nintendo and Gamefreak have bastardized this franchise, robbing it of its identity, I will boycott this franchise until the hopeful day it ceases to exist. For the rest of you, enjoy the empty shell of what used to be great while it lasts.
  • That Mega Ampharos looks like a hair metal thunder god
  • Thats MEGA lame! It feels like they are running out of ideas lol

  • Omg all the megas look intimidating (except for mewtwo) and then theres ampharos saying (in Australian accent) IM A *** ROCKSTAR BAAABY!!!  


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