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New Pokémon X And Y Trailer Showcases The Mega Evolution And Introduces A New Gym Leader

The latest trailer for Pokémon X And Y shows off Mega Evolutions, as well as introduce a new Gym Leader, Korrina.

Pokémon X And Y are coming October 12, and if you pick up the game at launch, you will be able to download a special Torchic holding a Blazikenite Mega Stone which is necessary for its Mega Evolution.

Check out the latest trailer below, as well as our recent discussion on Pokémon X and Y features. For more on Pokémon X and Y's newly revealed features and a batch of new screens and art, head here.

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  • Well.. That certainly shakes things up a bit.

  • So... Pokemon are Digimon now?
  • I might just be convinced to buy it!

  • well, this won't do much to dissuade the people that say that a bit of Digimon has entered Pokémon. especially since it only works in battle. Me, I couldn't care less! these things look freaking awesome, and should be a lot of fun to play with. It gets me wondering if other Pokémon will have Mega forms. I'd kill for a Mega Charizard.
  • Mega Meganium! For some reason it makes me think of EX Pokemon in the TCG.
  • It's not in the trailer, but there's also a MegaMawile, MegaAbsol, and MegaAmpharos. Mawile and MegaMawile are Steel/Fairy, and MegaAmpharos is Electric/Dragon.
  • Blaziken is my favorite, so now this is even more of a day-one buy for me. Is that offer available at all retailers (like, is the mega stone shipped out with every game)?

    Edit: Never mind, it appears you have to download it.
  • most of the mega-volutions are from gen 3... wait. does that means... GEN3 REMAKE IS NEAR?!
  • I AM SO EXCITED FOR POKEMON X/Y!!!!!!!!!!!! I want them so badly!! I can't wait until they release. The worldwide sales for these games are gonna be freakin' huge.
  • Oh mah gawd this is a must buy. Gonna get it on the e-shop and take it everywhere and play it with ease!

  • wow

  • The 6th gen it´s looking great, the megas look pretty neat to me(MegaMeawile it´s joining my first run in the Kalos region), why can´t october come any faster!

  • So... Mewtwo will be in X and Y in his normal form as well?
  • I haven't really been following this game, last pokemon game I played was crystal. So can you now catch starter pokemon from other games ???
  • Interesting adding the Battle-Only mega evolution. It does take a little after Digimon, but I'm okay with that.

  • Well It would be interesting if they werent just event only..

  • So getting this... Why didn't Nintendo launch with a 3DS Pokémon game? It seems like we should have had this months ago. Not that I'm complaining.

  • Finally! New forms that don't ruin the Pokemon! It's going to be completely epic to call on Blaziken, an evil laugh bellowing from my throat, and destroy my rival with... MEGABLAZIKEN!!!
  • My initial feeling is skeptical and slightly off put. Seems superfluous and unwanted, but it isn't exactly negative. I'll have to see for myself just how the system works for the new evolutions, but i'm not really that excited. I'll keep my old Mewtwo just the way he is.

    That said, the new stat training thing seems cool (in theory). I like that they're bringing that to the usually static system and presenting it in a more streamlined manner.

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