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New Mega Evolutions And Super Training Will Allow X and Y Pokémon To Tap Into Hidden Strength

Pokémon X and Y are coming in October, and Nintendo has revealed Mega Evolutions, Super Training, as well as new Pokémon and  a new Gym Leader.

Not all Pokémon will be able to Mega Evolve, but the ones that can will be able to tap into a reserve of hidden power in the middle of battle. Their appearance will change and their statistics will raise, but Mega Evolved Pokémon will return to their normal form after the end of a battle.

Pokémon X and Y will also introduce Super Training, which will allow your Pokémon to level up and gain strength while not in battle. Super Training involves playing mini-games that will increase your Pokémon's base stats.

Today, we've also learned about new Electric and Fairy-type Pokémon Dedenne, Bunnelby the new Normal-type Pokémon, and Skiddo, the pre-evolved form of the previously announced Gogoat.

Finally, we learn about Korrina. She's a new Gym Leadert who seems to have the best understanding of how Mega Evolutions work, and she's also a fantastic roller skater.

To see the Mega Evolution in action, check out the latest trailer. You can also learn more details about Super Training, Mega Evolutions, the newly revealed Pokémon, and the newest Gym Leader, Korrina, by checking out the full press release on page two.

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  • It's so awesome that Kyle had to post two articles about it. lol.

  • Pokemon X is my most anticipated game of all time. Its a day one buy for me. I am so excited for this game.
  • I get some hot chick on roller skates as a pokemon.
  • Blaiziken Mega-Digivolve to...! WarGerymon!!!
  • ooooh~ super training. interesting.

  • I like all the changes and additions GameFreak is adding to the pokemon series. Its always refreshing to mix it up and give the old fans something brand spanking new to look forward to and I feel this is just the kind of shake the series has been looking for lol. (Also Ive been waiting for in-battle evolutions for a while so this is especially awesome lol)
  • When Super Training talks about raising Base Stats, I wonder if it's talking about EVs... or dare I say it... even IVs...?
  • Wha?!........That Lucario is over 9000!!!!

  • Ugh. They look like Super Saiyan Digimon, not cool Mega evolutions. Well some of them don't look cool. Others look pretty sweet. But I'm not sure I like this Mega Evolution thing
  • I'm not sold on the Mega Evolutions, but at least they are optional so I can completely ignore them. I just don't see the point behind them, we already have evolutions and form changes, did we really need something else added to the mix?

  • Cool, I guess this is really good news.

  • So...this just made me want this game even more. Gamefreak is really going all-out this gen. A new type, new in-battle evolutions, new Pokemon interaction (though slightly creepy), and 3D graphics with full battle animation..oh my, lol

  • Now your Pokemon can Digivolve to their Mega Forms and release the Golden Digi-Eggs! Haha I'm sorry, this just sounds like a joke to me. It'll be awesome for those who play it, but I stopped at Emerald and now anytime I hear about Pokemon I'll be thinking about Digimon instead. Speaking of which, Digimon really needs a reboot in both the show and games to do it justice. The premise is amazing, the execution...not so much.
  • Skiddo :3

  • Pokémon art still looks great. Really loving the Mega Mewtwo vs Mega Lucario art.

  • this is awesome. pokemon is actually evolving as a game, every entry gets better and more innovative.

  • "Mega Stones are special stones that exist for all Pokémon" "all Pokémon" WHAT. WHAT. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.
  • Even more stoked for these games now. Crazy that they kept such a big new feature under wraps for this long, but consider me hyped.

    Also, I love Mega Ampharos and his amazing wooly locks
  • The more I hear about this game, the more I think this is going to be the biggest and best one yet.

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