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NBA Live 14

EA Is Really Going To Release NBA Live 14 (We Think)

Just yesterday, 2K Sports showed off footage of NBA 2K14 running on PlayStation 4. Today, EA Sports has fired back with NBA Live 14 footage. After a hiatus (and canceled twice) since fall 2009, the series looks like it will be back this fall.

NBA Live 14 is running on EA Sports' new Ignite engine (just like Madden 25). It's slated for release on November 19, 2013, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can check it out in action below.

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  • I'm not sure why they even want to compete with 2K unless they make this better in leaps and bounds... Which isn't one of their strong suits. Bring back College Bball and you can have my money.

  • the graphics may not look like 2k. but nba live always provides better gameplay. even NBA live 10 allows you to do things that have just be enabled in 2k 13. so im getting this one because im tired of fake arcade style basketball games. b4 you couldnt block in 2k, not it's a block party. i seen alot i like in this vid. kobe signature back down. melo's dribble, kemba step back, danny greens running 3 point shot. and d'rose beating you off the dribble. only thing that i see lacking is the defense. besides did anyone know that 2k is running on the same physics engine they used on ps3 and 360?? o i thought so. non-gaming pricks
  • who cares, its gonna suck just like the POS 2k14 was

  • 2K looks a lot better.

  • Hopefully 2k will pick up NCAA Football now EA will no longer do it.

  • That trailer is so horrible.

  • How is EA *** this up this bad. How much money does it cost them to have the NBA license and not release a game.

  • Is this NEXT gen??? Seriously....NBA 2k14 footage from a couple of days was A LOT  BETTER than this. NBA Live graphics look like current gen. So baaaad.

  • I usually give games a chance but is this a joke???

  • Animations look like they're recycled from NBA live 2003 ( like always ) That layup in the beginning ?are you serious ?...did they invest in realistic motion capture? it doesn't look like it. Textures are horrendous, they look plasticky... wow, I'm so dissapointed, I really wanted EA to bring a good fight to 2k, just to push progress even further...I guess that won't happen anytime soon.

  • The gamne looks like a fat waste of money. I doubt I'd pay $5 for this Live 14

  • I was kind of excited for this, and was glad to see Kyrie Irving get on the game cover but watching this kind of deflated my hype.

    Ive never bought a basketball game but if I do it will probably be 2k14.

  • Omg that looked horrible... I mean was that supposed to be Steve Nash? Because that looked nothing like him