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NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Trailer Showcases Impressive Shirt Physics

We saw a next-gen image of NBA 2K14 earlier this week, and now 2K is offering a look at the game in motion, running on a PlayStation 4.

The headline is not meant to be a sarcastic joke. The game looks great, and the opening shot of the trailer focuses on the fabrics of LeBron James' shirt, and its the impressive highlight of the rest of the trailer. And much like Dead Space 3's trailer earlier this year, it's all set to a Phil Collins soundtrack.

The current-gen versions of NBA 2K14 is available now, and you can read our review here. NBA 2K14 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in time for the console launches.

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  • I hope people aren't dumb enough to think any of this is actually real.
  • That headline made me laugh. "Impressive Shirt Physics"...ummm, ok.
  • I noticed the small details like the jerseys and such, but I honestly wasn't that impressed.  The animations and close-ups looked nice, but as far as the shots that were supposedly "in-game," they looked choppy and block-like to me.

  • Genesis is better.

  • Something seems missing and i think it's that the players don't show emotion really.

  • wow that looks incredible

  • Those facial animations though... They look like creepy dead eyed robots to me.
  • Wow.  Looks awesome.  I bet it isn't actual gameplay though.

  • More Phil Collins? What, is he the only artist in the world?


  • Nah there faces look lifeless. .. nextgen COMEON !!!! Really!??!

  • extremely realistic but what is it with kobi's face and other players faces??

  • I think this trailer wins the "Most out of place song" award. I love Phil Collins, but his songs just do not fit in a trailer for a basketball video game.

  • i don't play sports games, but damn that looks really good. The players could use some emotions but damn, everything looks great. Not bad at all for the first wave of games on a new console. I'm hoping that other games take note of the new detail in the way clothing moves. That's actually really cool, even if it is a small detail.

  • You say running on PS4 but I only see the Xbox One tag. Still looks way too real, need to see it in my own next-gen console.

  • I am one who is all for realism, but I have never really been into sports games. It obviously isn't for 2k games, but in my opinion, putting that much work into physics for shirts seems like a waste in this game. Like I said earlier, i haven't ever been a fan of sports games, so that is more coming from my dis-interest of sports games than anything. I would like to see that much work go into physics on the details of other games though.
  • Wow, some of you posting are very hard to please!!!  I would like to see gameplay footage of an actual game running on the PS4 or X1, but from this trailer I can see a huge step up from the current console version.  From the lighting on their skin to facial hair, NBA 2K14 looks damn good on next gen!  Kinda mad that I got it for my 360, but seeing the difference makes me appreciate the work 2K is doing.  I just hope it plays as smooth as it looks!

  • I'm always doubtful regarding trailers, such as this one, and actual gameplay. No doubt, it will look great, but is this true representative trailer of actual gameplay?

    Loved the choice of Phil Collins as music though :D

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