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Madden NFL 25

EA Shows Off Next-Gen Madden NFL 25

With a new generation of consoles arriving in just a month, sports fans have been wondering what an upgrade will look like. Today, EA Sports is giving us an in-depth look at Madden 25 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The trailer below shows off the elements that set the next-gen versions apart from the game you're already playing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Of particular interest is the way the Ignite engine handles step and run animations (and the collision of two very large football players at high speeds).

You can check out the trailer for yourself below and pick up Madden 25 alongside the launch of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month. You can also read our review of current-generation Madden NFL 25.

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  • looks real promising

  • looks real promising

  • I might get this for the PS4 because i am a big fan of football.

  • Just when you start to think it can't look any more real...

  • The video looks good. I like what they have to say, but please show some extended gameplay footage that I can get excited about. I'd like to see the difference between next gen and current gen gameplay.

  • this is the best video they've shown so far ......look's good now give us some actual gameplay footage please

  • The game looks great. It looks like the character models have much more polygons and effort built into them.

  • G-men sux this year

  • Ya know what...not convinced. The gameplay doesn't look much different & this years current-gen Madden is truly junk. I'll definitely be waiting on the next gen.

  • F*k Madden, bring back 2k NFL footbal!! Their basketball games destroy EA's crap and so would the football games if they were allowed to still make them. BOYCOTT this crap!!
  • Looking pretty good.

  • Crowd still looks like crap. Enviroment and presentation are important too.
  • Blah. Sigh, I'm still waiting to see something next gen to make me feel like I really need to upgrade. I can play a bunch of shooters and a samey-looking Madden now. I disregard anything that EA says. They are the kings of hyperbole. Blah again.

  • except for lighting, i dont see what new or amazing. then again, this is ea...once this license will go to visual concept and others, they will cry. already on basket tey r being raped lolz...

  • Ah, so basically from this advertisement, the game is so advanced you don't even have to play it!

    The characters think on their own, calculate on their own, and even interpret the teams coordination on their own!

    Perhaps this is the only exception where pressing a button actually breaks the game, due to all of this self awareness going on?
  • This is why I am sticking with my PS3 for a while. I really do not see much of a difference from the PS3 to the PS4, plus there are a lot of PS3 games that I still want to play, but have not had the time too.
    I am getting a PS4 at launch, but it is to sell on E-Bay.
    I will wait a good two years before buying a PS4.
  • Looks awesome

  • There are definitely quite a few ways that the basic gameplay of Madden could and should improve for next gen. In Madden 25 when you are running the ball you seem to get stuck on your own linemen, so they should make it so your RB knows to use their hands to bounce off them instead of just getting stuck. Also they need to make the WR/TE AI a lot better, maybe make it so they understand when the QB is in trouble to change their routes to get open, instead of just standing still.

  • This looks good, and I already pre-ordered it. Cant say the same for EA's return to Basketball

  • Very cool, but can't wait to see a football game 100% built on the next gen consoles.