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Lost Planet 3

Capcom's Latest Trailer Explains Just How Cold E.D.N. III Really Is

E.D.N. III is a frozen world, and Capcom’s latest Lost Planet 3 teasers set out to demonstrate just how cold it is. Fans can now access the Coronis Diaries, a fictitious, virtual transmission portal set up by the Nevec mining company to support Coronis Base workers. The diaries include audio logs, videos, and text that help set groundwork for Lost Planet 3’s upcoming storyline.

Accompanying the release of the Coronis Diaries is a trailer that outlines, rather gruesomely, the biological symptoms and stages of a human suffering through hypothermia. Check it out at your discretion below. 

Lost Planet 3 will launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 27. 

  • Might pick this up to hold me over until GTAV. This or Saints Row IV. Decisions, decisions.
  • Prediction....This game will not break even.

  • I've tried and tried to like this series but it just isn't fun. It has every negative aspect of JDM design but is in a western genre. Doesn't really make any sense. The games aren't the worst but they each had those moments that were some of the worst game designs in history.
  • The more I look at this the more I think of Dead Space 3. Which I've been playing the hell out of and enjoying.  I played the first Lost Planet but I can't say anything here is really drawing me in.

  • How do games like this get a trilogy when we can't even get Heavenly Sword 2?
  • I don't expect it to do well, seeing as Capcom has been off its game lately.

  • Well this trailer just showed how good the voice acting is and taught me how your body reacts to extremely cold temperatures ...

  • This is gonna be good.

  • Just bought LP2 AGAIN! when it went on sale and had a blast playing through the game with my uncle

    I don't see my self buying this game if there isn't at least a co-op campaign

  • YAWN! Cashcom made this nuff said.

  • So... this is just nonsense though, right?

    I mean, for one thing, none of the gameplay footage has dealt with the T-ENG stuff of the first game, that you had to do manage to stay alive. Kind of annoying, but a unique idea all the same. And it's one that was abandoned for LP3. Secondly, if it's so cold (what did the video say? -120 degrees?), why doesn't anyone wear any protective gear on their face? Is the main dude's mighty beard REALLY that warm that he doesn't need it in MINUS A HUNDRED AND TWENTY DEGREE WEATHER?

    Here's hoping this means they added in the Energy collecting stuff, to add some sort of depth and resource management - some thoughtfulness and something unique - to the game.
  • The first two Lost Planets were each lacking in several categories that were keeping them from being good/great. However the trailers & storyline for this so far have proved promising. Hoping the reviews are positive because word of mouth is the only way I see this franchise turning around & becoming a financial success

  • I'm going to play this but won't be tricked into paying full price day one. I'll wait until it's at least half off. I've taught myself to be far more picky with games on release after being burned so many times.

  • I tried to play the first lost planet but I couldn't stand it. It had a interesting plot , inventive gameplay ideas and badass creatures.It just wasn'y polished enough and the different mechanics didn't flow together well enough.Also,hte combat at alot of points were just kind of droll