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Lost Planet 3

New Lost Planet 3 Screens Showcase The Frozen Tundra And Monsters

Lost Planet 3 has been a quiet title for Capcom. Developer Spark Unlimited has been toiling away at it releasing limited trailers and information. A new batch of images from the game have recently appeared, offering the first look we've seen at the game in awhile.

Capcom mentioned the game in its recent financial reporting as an upcoming release, and we saw a trailer showcasing the game's multiplayer back in April, but that has been about it. You can check out the new screens in the gallery below.

Lost Planet 3 is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on August 27.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • Looks visually impressive, but I hope the gameplay holds up to the 2nd one with all it's customization and co op. And bring the mechs back from the first. Screw what everyone says, games need as much mechs as they can get.
  • I don't know about this game... I feel some kind of way about it, and I don't know why. I guess it's because I've never played the other ones a lot..still..I'm skeptical.

  • I dunnoooo about Spark Unlimited... heard bad things about them
  • Not enough coverage for this, I don't think even capcom cares how well it does.
  • I still haven't played the 2nd one, maybe I should take a trip to gamestop.

  • Mod

    Love the color scheme and amount of detail in the environments. I've never played a Lost Planet game but this might be a good place to start.

  • I know nothing about this franchise. Are the first 2 any good?...
  • The protagonist sort of looks like Weinerless Steve.
  • My oh my, this is starting to turn it up to 11. 11 degrees anyway. ;-)

  • It looks good but the gameplay is terrible. It's nothing like the first two, which to some might seem like a good thing. But with that said anyone who was a fan of the first two won't be particularly happy with it. I'm certainly not getting it, and I've been a die hard fan since LPEC.

  • I liked the first LP but I think I'm going to pass on this one. It just looks kind of meh.

  • I feel like Capcom has "Bionic Commando'd" this thing. Remember that game? They talked about it for so long, and it got delayed so much, that when it finally came out it was met mostly with, "Huh. I thought that came out a few months ago"

    Not to mention, Lost Planet isn't a beloved series anyway.

    It looks pretty good for what it is, and it's great that they fixed the completely sh** shooting from the first two games, but meh. With 46 thousand third person shooters out there this generation - many of them quality (that's what you all get when 90% of them run on Unreal 3, the same engine powering Gears of War. This generation's de factor third person shooter) - this kind of stuff just isn't necessary. EA felt the sting of THAT reality when they decided to make "Dead Space 3: All Action, No More Horror".

    Besides, who wants to play a game set on an ice planet in the Summer?
  • There is way too many games coming out too soon !! I can't afford getting Remeber Me, Saints Row 4, Final Fantasy 14, and State of Decay ! :/
  • Still not sure how to feel about this. it's being made by Spark Unlimited, and they made the terrible Turning Point game.

    But they also made Legendary, which I kinda liked.

  • I hated the first game, but sort of loved the second.  I got to play the demo at NYCC and it was awesome!

  • Why does every developer lately slap the camera closer to the persons shoulder? I preferred where it was in LP2.

  • Hopefully this is as good a game as the original which was excellent with a good story albeit corny. lol

  • I still need to play the first two.