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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Behind The Scenes Director's Cut Video Tells The Whole Development Story

In anticipation of Final Fantasy XIII's upcoming finale, Square Enix has been releasing developer diaries about the creation of the game. Today, Square Enix has released a director's cut version of those videos gathering all the documentaries into one piece and adding additional footage.

You can check out the full 30-minute behind-the-scenes video below, as well as the previous, shorter videos here, here, and here.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is right around the corner. The game releases on PlayStation 3 (in both physical and digital download forms) and for Xbox 360 on February 11.

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  • Being totally honest, I'm just glad this series is finished. More power to you gamers who are into it. Enjoy!
  • I liked the battle system in the demo, and is kind of silly to change her costume to get a different battle style. I'm just hoping the story will be some what respectable and I will buy it. Just be better than 13-2.
  • I thought the battle system more than I thought I would based on that demo, and the more open world is a massive improvement from what I played from first XIII and the segmented, broken up levels from XIII-2. I've given up hope on the story, despite that amazing 16-bit recap video they put out. If this thing has gameplay chops, I might actually buy it (later when it's not full price). Square Enix and FF13 has let me down too many times to be totally onboard with this, but it looks promising and I'm keeping an open mind. Oh, but Bravely Default is still the game of theirs I'm most looking forward to by far right now :)
  • There's anticipation for this game?
  • Just hurry up and release the game already so we can all get past this stain on the franchise.

    Hopefully Square does A LOT better with FFXV. I'm not sure the series' credibility can take another hit like it did with the Thirteen trilogy.

  • so hyped up for this game.

    i will definately pick this up when it drops in price!

  • I cannot wait till next Tuesday. A friend of mine and myself are pump for this! Let's end the 13 series with a bang SE!!

  • You know. Love the fact I kept on reading "Released Feb. 12" and now reading "Feb 11". I am guessing people forgot the 12 (I did) is a Wednesday lol.

  • Got my collector's edition pre-ordered. That pocket watch looks sweet!
  • The day is almost here, I wanna see how this series ends!!!

  • I don't really care. I like collector's editions, but digital is the future, and digital is the smartest way to go for 3DS and Vita.