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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Documentary Short Goes Behind The Scenes Of Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

In the first part of Square Enix's documentary series, we learn a little about the history of Final Fantasy, but mostly we learn what's in store for Lighting in the third Final Fantasy XIII.

Along with showing gameplay and plenty of shots in the facility where the Final Fantasies have been birthed, we also learn more about the plot of Lighting Returns and its world of childless immortals.

More documentaries are promised, with the next one due this fall. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 February 11.

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  • A little bit better editing there, GI.
  • I'm going to stay cautiously optimistic.  I'm worried about the timer, as I'm the type of gamer who can easily make a 60 hour game last 100 hours.  At least the battle system looks fast and fun.  I just hope the story is up to par.

  • Childless Immortals is the name of my indie metal techno band.

  • I wish there were more locations, all the ones in the first two were so graphically amazing, just wish there was more of a variety. But im still really excited for this.

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  • This was simply a breath of fresh air to watch. Of course everyone who know's me know's exactly how I feel about the 13 universe and Lightning but these Documentaries are splendid. Ali Hillis I love youuuuuuuu lol
  • I can't say that I'm excited, but I'm cautiously optimistic, a word I've used for myself all too often this year. Sure, 13-2 was what it was, but at least it seems like Square Enix is at least trying to do something right with ending their trilogy. (thank goodness for both the former and the latter.) As long as that "doing something right" thing is getting to sock Snow in the jaw via an in-game quick-time, slo-mo event, I'll be happy. That, and if Noel gets rid of that crappy sword.

  • don't get me wrong...the last two games, great graphics, great gameplay, huge worlds, everything was great EXCEPT the story...the last two games stories were horrible, and when i beat them, i can't explain to someone what the story was about...that's sad...
  • Joe Juba will be so excited to have more of Hope in the third entry.

    Ill get this if the reviews are great enough, but beyond the first XIII game I'm not terribly interested.

  • I bet GI will review this game and give it about a 7.5 when it comes out. place your bets folks im not going to believe the hype.

  • "Don't worry, newcomers! Even if this is your first entry, the story is such a complete mess that even longtime fans don't have a clue what the *** is going on."

    I dunno, guys. I've got kind of a bad feeling about this.

  • I can't wait to play this game!

  • I can't wait to play this game!

  • Looking forward to seeing more of these Square Enix documentaries.

    I'm genuinely excited for Lightning Returns.

  • Is FF-13 worth a run through? I want to play 13 and 13-2, as LR has my attention, but I keep hearing mixed things.
  • the ff13 series is full of beautiful games the story is for the most part interesting i think people who are obsessed with the older ff versions  really dislike it but personally it was an improvement