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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Developer Diary

Square Enix has released the latest developer diary for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and it focuses mainly on the game's Doomsday Clock.

The video, feature several members of the development team, focuses on how the clock influences players in the title, your control over environments, and offers a little more on combat gameplay.

The game is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 11.

For the previous two installments in the video series, click here and here.

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  • Im sitting here thinking this is DLC. I will wait for a bargain price even though XIII this is the least FF game I like  

  • For a dress up game, they sure are adding a lot of other features.
  • They sure are milking FF13 for all its worth, obviously I don't have a high opinion of it but being that I'm older and grew up with FF5-FF10 that's probably why. Kudos to Square for keeping the series going, I long for a return to the older style of FF, especially story-wise. Hironobu Sakaguchi was/is the man.

  • I really hate timed games but guess this is why i never played Majora's Mask.

  • Man, these new Barbie Dress Up games sure got weird when the Japanese started making them.
  • This seems quite similar to Majora's Mask, though it sounds as though the Doomsday clock won't be resettable.

  • For how much people complain about the time limit I wonder why Majora's Mask is consistently listed as one of the best Zelda games.... Not to much of a double edged sword makes up their opinion does it?
  • Some of people from this video say that she finish it this game in 13 days? o_O