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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Injured Chocobo On Display In New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Lightning has 13 days to save as many souls as she can. She might as well make those days count by rescuing as many Chocobo's as she can, including the white beauty above. The trailer also shows off the last home of the Moogles, a Terminator hand rising up and making a fist, and plenty of acrobatic combos in various combat sequences. Make sure you stick around until the trailer's end for a special surprise that will likely have you rewinding to clearly make out what F-word is used.

After you watch the trailer, be sure to check out the new screens in the gallery below, and the 13 Days and soundtrack trailers

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  • it's been hundreds of years. why has that Chocobo not grown yet!!!!

    I always liked Sazh too. that little comment reminds me why. lol.
  • HAHAHAHA, Blasted F ball! I tell you what I know I'm in the minority but I am so looking forward to this game like friggin crazy. Snow & Lightning show-down?!?! Let's get it. Claire YOU will save the world
  • I don't know what to make of this game. I like the combat, I love the customization options with Lightning and it's more open world but I hate that blasted timer. I'll have to watch a let's play and see how the timer works because if the timer goes down too quickly I don't see a point in buying this game at full price.
  • He's calling the bird a "Blasted FLUFF ball". I can hear it clear as day.

  • I bet chocobo wings are delicious.

  • GTA5 and Batman AO will keep me so busy to even bother on this game. Sadly but true! :/
  • I think clouds sword was a bit of overkill
  • Plot twist morality choice: Choosing whether or not to put the Chocobo out of its misery.

  • Everytime I hear "Chocobo" I think toasted graham crackers dipped in chocolate but then I am presented with a Japanime version of the Big Bird. I can't even cook it or kill it, WHAT IS THIS STUPID GAME ALL ABOUT???!!!
  • God Snow is one of the worst characters in the history of Final Fantasy. Cant stand him or the 13 series. May have to pass, but might consider renting if its any good
  • OMG Sazh how could you! lol, anyway this game is looking pretty good I just hope the story can keep up with what is looking like some amazing gameplay.

  • go away
  • Hmmm... Interesting trailer. Alot of reveals. So Fang can fight alongside you as a guest? (Although I'm sure only for certain story sequences.) And the words: Who will you sacrifice? Seems to point out that you can't save everyone. Possible different story endings depending on who you save? Definitely has the potential to have great replay value.

    I was a little bit on the fence about this game, but after these last two trailers, I'm hyped. Oh and Sazh says "Blasted fluff ball" Took me three times to hear exactly what he was saying. LOL

  • it was god to see fang fight

  • Maybe it'll be like bouncer

  • I haven't played a Final Fantasy game since X (X-2 didn't happen), I didn't like the combat changes they did and I stopped playing. But this looks interesting. I might get it later on.

  • A few things I hope this game improves on from the previous XIII games would be the linearity. Despite the claims that 13-2 fixed this it really didn't.

     I want a truly open area with hidden dungeons teeming with powerful monsters, not a level select screen.

    Actual difficult battles would be a welcome addition too. 13-2 was laughably easy.


    The final boss was a joke, 3 different coloured copies of Bahumut. One of the easiest end game bosses Ive ever experienced in a Final Fantasy game.

    Kill off Sazh, Fang and Vanille...3 terrible, whiny and annoying characters in one Final Fantasy game is too much to stand.

  • yesssss

  • Oh I see why she change clothes or costumes, she obviously change the powers (or maybe the elements) or equipment.

  • Of all the possible FF titles to make a trilogy out of, they choose quite possibly the worst one ever made. I'll never understand it, but people seem to love it - this new generation of FF players. Maybe I'm just an old fart, but if this is where the series is headed, count me out.

    It's fitting that you can unlock Cloud's weapon and uniform - she's essentially the same character.

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