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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Plays Dress-Up In Square's Latest Trailer

As the February release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII inches closer, Square continues to tease fans with cinematic and gameplay trailers. The latest, titled 13 Days, has Lightning fighting a giant horned monster and other enemies in a number of different costumes.

The video also reminds fans that the Lightning Returns pre-order includes Cloud’s soldier uniform and buster sword. 

Check out Lightning in the video and gallery screenshots below, and explore the orchestral sounds of the game here

  • That sixth screen shot is really confusing.
  • Lightning's ability to change costumes is like Erza's "The Knight" power.
  • This game looks so different compared to the original XIII. I may be curious enough to play it. Besides, I beat the first 2 XIII's, so might as well see how it ends.
  • Meh.

  • Lightning as a Miqote? That's an interesting concept...
  • I really dislike the direction they took Final Fantasy gameplay wise. I never wanted Final Fantasy to be an action RPG. Still, I've always been a sucker for Final Fantasy, so ... naw I still won't get it. The game is on a freaking TIMER. So not only is it an action RPG, it rushes me through it too. No thanks.
  • Can square stop releasing information about this game? It doesn't come out till February. Stop teasing please :)

  • So is this a Majora's Mask-esque timer?
  • Looks great

  • Mod

    It's looking great. I'll have to pre-order it next time I'm out!

  • Why do I keep thinking that that weird new girl is a nuttier Serah? Is that the revelation about the character that we're gonna find out?. . . Anyway, putting Lightning in some slinky cat suit? It's like Squeenix got Dead or Alive people over for feminine objectification lessons. Not that I don't think that Lightning wouldn't rock that catsuit, mind you. . .
  • Im so looking forward to this game!

  • Seems like SE knows their audience... This trailer was more focused on outfits than actual gameplay. Can't wait for FFXV.
  • What in the world is Lightning doing in a kitty costume? She is probably the most straight laced serious female in gaming and she is wearing THAT!?! It does not fit her personality at all. Although now I wonder what Lightning would look like as a Viera(bunny people in FF12).
    Edit: Lightning's kitty outfit fits her as much as a clown costume for Conan the Barbarian..
  • What I gathered from that trailer is that the apocalypse is the perfect time to go shopping for some new clothes.
  • for a game that's not coming out until next year, it sure is getting a lot more advertisement than games that are coming out this year.

  • A little disappointed that the Asian region version won't feature the English text like 13 and 13-2. I could not stand the dub-work in the first 2, and I doubt it'll be better this time around. 10 and 12 got it fairly decent, then dropped the ball on almost every other release since. Star Ocean? Ugh...
  • Behold the first cosplay rpg, and people thought FF XIII couldn't do any worse. I find it sad that Lightning needs to dress up as other more successful and better FF protagonists just shows how far XIII has fallen.

  • this is without a doubt, wait for $20 game.

    i should have waited for x-2 to drop but i got that when it released.

    o well, not making that mistake again.

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