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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Video Highlights The Soundtrack

The latest trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is light on new footage. It highlights the game's soundtrack by isolating the music track, giving an undisturbed listen to a music selection from the game.

Along with the soundtrack clip, Square Enix has also offered a behind the scenes video showcasing the recording process of the song.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2013. For more on Lightning's return, you can check out our E3 preview, check out the latest trailer (which is basically the non-soundtrack isolated version of the video below), check out the game's Final Fantasy VII-themed pre-order bonus, and our reviews of Final Fantasy XIII, and XIII-2.

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  • What would you do if McDonald's got rid of the dollar menu? Me personally, I'd petition the Dollar Tree stores to begin selling burgers.
  • Nice to see the Awesome music is still there.

  • I really hope this game does well... Square Enix claims this will be their last current gen Final Fantasy game.

  • I may give this a try if I can turn the crappy music off this time. The ambient music is good, the Japanese pop music sucks ass. Its like they got the Japanese version of backstreet boys to do their music....ugh

  • Been looking forward to this since It was announced. I don't care if people like the XIII series or not. I do and this will be a day 1 buy for me. Great music
  • I think they got PSY to do the opening theme song =) yes...I know PSY is Korean.

  • FEB is so far away

  • I've been really wanting to get into this series but I'm hesitant because of this title. I really hate anything with a time limit  involving video games & basically this entire game is a time limit. I don't wanna play the first 2 & not be able to finish the conclusion because the game sucks. /:

  • Ugh I cannot stand this music, it's like techno-dance classical that lacks any sort of melodic appeal, and it elicits NO emotion whatsoever from me, just like 13-2 and 13. Pretty much every other FF has a great soundtrack that immerses me in the experience. I applaud SE for trying something different, but in this case it does not work at all for me.

    At least classically trained musicians are still being given jobs in the game industry though, no matter what I think of the end product of the composer's vision.
  • This is my favorite Final Fantasy saga, can't wait! Here's hopin they get a collectors edition with a sountrack
  • I'm not going to try and pretend that this doesn't look amazeballs. And you shouldn't either.
  • "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2013." Should be 2014, no?
  • Amazingly good music. The one thing beside great graphics that Final Fantasy is sticking true to. Wont' mind playing to this music at all, no matter how I might think of anything else. I give Squeenix respect for that.

  • damn. feb 2014 is too long. guess gonna kill time by playing FFXIV beta and the game itself.

  • To clarify, it comes out on February 11 2014. The date given in this article is a year off.

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  • ...I'll buy it...

  • final fantasy always has the best music

  • Shame I don't dig these last two XIII games, the 1st one was good, but these other 2 were bad. been playing FF since FF6 and for me one major thing that my FF game has to have is a party system, you start out solo or with another character and as you progress through the story u get more and more characters to join your party, I love that feature, but I wonder who thought it would be good to get rid of it, its a shame. :( I guess people will only buy it cause it has Lightning on it, i'm saying this cause I have friends that are getting that game just for her.

  • Mod

    This game looks great. The music is also wonderful! I can't wait to get it!

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