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Kinect Star Wars

Kinect Star Wars As Rough As Ever At TGS

If you've followed our coverage of Kinect Star Wars, you know we've expressed plenty reason for concern. Phil came away unimpressed when he played it at E3, Jeff Cork experienced recognition problems during the Gamescom demo, and the game has been delayed because of quality concerns. Despite the issues and criticism this title has faced, Microsoft is showing it off once again at their TGS booth. After checking it out, you can put me in the same camp as Phil and Jeff when it comes to my thoughts on the game.

The demo starts with your Jedi descending via ship to a landing platform. It started as a one-player full-screen view, but it easily switched to split-screen multiplayer when the Microsoft booth attendant stepped in and waved at Kinect. Movement is extremely limited, with the primary action being a dash performed by leaning forward. All running is done automatically, so it's basically a matter of leaning forward until you get to an enemy, waving your arm around for a bit to slice them up, and then leaning forward again to get to the next one.

Some enemies require you to jump to get around to their back, and some scripted sequences featured the ability to sidestep lasers. On a couple of occasions, I was able to move my arms to force push an object out of the way. While in battle, I found it frequently difficult to close the gap between me and the enemy, which resulted in a lot of leaning forward and jumping in an effort to get in closer proximity.

Lightsaber duels are lackluster, with little in the way of strategy or defense thanks to the often laggy Kinect controls. "Flailing" is a term that's used a lot when people describe motion controls, but that's exactly what you'll be doing as you face off against battle droids.

I walked away from Kinect Star Wars thinking it felt like an unimpressive amusement park ride, shuttling you along on rails from battle to battle. With limited options in terms of navigation and combat, it feels less like you're playing a game and more like you're performing a checklist of motions in a specific order. Based on what I saw, Kinect Star Wars is definitely in need of its delay to 2012.

  • Yay, just we need. ANOTHER crappy SW game.
  • That's to bad.

  • You mad GI?
  • I've been keeping up with this title because it looked so flipping awesome. as i kept seeing more demos I noticed it was glitchy and even the demoers were having trouble getting it to work. A delay is good for such a title as this. More time on it please.
  • Ouch. May the force be with the developers on this seemingly impossible project. lol

    Seems like they just want to put the Star Wars and Kinect label on it and hope that'll sell. Without anything really entertaining being offered, except for repetitive and unresponsive controls...this game will be doomed as soon as it releases.
  • If all the children believe, maybe just maybe Kinect Starwars can be gre- oh who am i kidding........
  • This game looks so bad they might as well cancel it now
  • I have a formula that will solve their current dilemma and I will offer my services free of charge:

    Kinect Star Wars - Kinect + Jedi Knight series = PROFIT
  • Guys. Hey guys. Listen. Hey. Hey. Hey guys. Listen. Guys. Listen. Listen...

    Remember when we had good Star Wars games?
  • I already knew this was going to happen on day one. As soon as I saw that trailer, I knew there was no way in hell they were going to be able to pull that off with any sort of precision.

    The Kinect just isn't good for controlling traditional games. Waving your arms around in something like Fruit Ninja is really the only thing it is good for in my opinion. I have tried just about everything out for Kinect, and not once did I have a lag free or accurate experience.

    Every single game was filled with bad control lag and terrible accuracy while playing in a large room with more than enough space and ideal lighting. Maybe Gunstringer will change my mind, but as it is I see no reason for Kinect to exist.

    Same goes for Move.
  • That's because motion controls suck. 360 or PS3 controller - Darth Vader Motion controls - Jar Jar Binks (mesa no liken them!)
  • Gunstringer apparently works well with kinect, so we know it isnt the kinect unit that's the problem. However, even if they DO manage to tighten up the responsiveness, in the end, if you don't generally get a gratifying feeling from the gestures you make in the game, is it even worth developing?
  • This game looks horrible. I would normally say, take your time and work out all the bugs. But this type of game makes me think. Even if it was pushed back for 5 years. It would still be full of glitches,etc. No amount of time will probably fix this game.

    BTW: Hypothetically speaking. If its going to play identical(in 6 months. If thats when they decide to release it) to what it plays now(maybe a couple of tweeks, here and there. Nothing to make the game go from a 2/10 to a 8/10). Why wait on releasing it? Could someone explain that?

  • Really? This surprises people? ... Really? ಠ_ಠ
  • no suprise here  watched it during e3 n it looked horrible  didn't think it could get much better  altho they could take it off rails persay and have u run in place but that'd probly make it worse lol

  • Star Wars Battlefront 3 plz!!!!!
  • George and lucas arts makin stupid fuqing decisions?? nooooo never... God they constantly complain about being broke but keep releasing shiiiitt games! All they gotta do to make money is 1. make a new sw battlefront ON PC AND CONSOLES FUUUCK HANDHELDS... 2. Make a new entry into the jedi knight series that was as good as jedi outcast. 3. Assassinate george even though he made star wars he's ruining it for real RUINING IT! 4. Make a well desgined Rouge Squadron game that has a real flight sim feel to it or at least make the flyin believable like ace combat or somwthin imagine ace combats new dog fight mode but in an x-wing with lasers hahaha take my advice lucas arts and make us all happy and you rich again.
  • So far the best thing about this game is...


    that *baller* Xbox that bundles with it. I want R2 to play games with me.

    Otherwise, It's hard to care about it.

  • I still feel embarrassment for the guy who stood on stage and did the demo for this game at E3 cause he fit the stereotypical look of a Star Wars fan. *sigh* poor guy lol

  • Another failed Star Wars game

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