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Kinect Star Wars

Arm Swinging Report: Rancor Playable In Kinect Star Wars

Years from now, when your children talk about world events that happened in 2011, they'll likely bring up today's shocking announcement of a rancor being playable in Kinect Star Wars.

Game Informer's Jeff Cork had a chance to play as this lumbering beast, and, well, had this to say: "You basically stomp around and Kinect occasionally does what you act out. You're on a timer and you have to create as much havok as possible before it runs out. You walk by stomping in place, and you turn your shoulders to change direction. Your arms are supposed to swing and grab stuff, but it didn't recognize my movements very well. You can do a ground pound to take out buildings. You can also pick up people and either throw them or eat them. Supposedly there will be more Rancor variants from the expanded universe, including one that flies."

The rancor level he saw was set on the iconic Tatooine. The rancor is periodically tasked to complete objectives along the lines of "destroy three buildings" and "eat three civilians." Here's hoping the last objective in the game is "get crushed by steel gate."

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  • That's Aweomse.

    Edit: Awesome.
  • So, instead of Star Wars Battlefront III, we get this ***. Kinect Star Wars, a game for children? C'mon.
  • Why do developers feel that they have to excrete on any potential that a motion sensor system might have by setting the standard of really stupid **** right from the gate?
  • another stupid product of kinect. WOO HOO!

  • Microsoft seemed to have put a fair amount of stock into this title working out... but the reports of inadequate response sure are outweighing that confidence (hope) of theirs...
  • Its a dream come true?
  • RANCOR SMASH!!!!!!

  • Its like Rampage but not working properly...sad thing is- this would be great if they have it up and running the way it should....who wouldnt wanna play a godzilla destroying everything
  • Hilarious.

  • Mod

    That's pretty neat. Now if they could have a Malakili to follow you around trying to hug your feet then it would be perfect.

  • That...actually almost makes sense

  • This game might actually be neat if the Kinect worked well. From what I've seen and heard of how this game plays, the Kinect sensor really doesn't  translate movement very well. This is what will break the game, if it doesn't get remedied. What's the point of playing as a Jedi if you can't accurately deflect lasers and fight against the Sith? Of being a Rancor when you can't stomp where you were aiming?

  • I may have to get Kinect after all...

  • I'd take a punch in the face before playing this. I don't know if it'll be bad, but the fact that this comes out beFORE a new Battlefront saddens me...

  • This game still looks goofy and way to gimmicky. I am willing to bet that this an average title at best and at worst a unresponsive mess.

  • If they get the Kinect to pick up your movements a little better, this could be moderately enjoyable.

  • A rancor? Just who's *** idea was this to incorporate a giant monster into the gameplay? These are NOT the LEGO STAR WARS GAMES, YOU MORONS!! Not that you'll listen to me, but don't say you weren't ever warned. UGH.

  • Ya know what this really means? They need to make a new Rampage with Kinect controls. That would actually get me to invest in a Kinect, as long as it's done right!

  • This is really dumb. I bet most sales for this game will be generated by people buying the limited edition R2D2 console bundle.

  • Eh, I want battlefront 3, but I will buy this if I can play as a sarlac pit.
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