Tripwire Interactive released the second in a series of “Specimen Identification Training” Killing Floor 2 trailers today. The video and screens below detail more of the disgusting Zeds the Horzine Biotech Security Force will encounter when the first person shooter releases later this year.

The new enemies profiled in the trailer are: the Bloat, a large, slow moving creature that appears to vomit acid and wields two huge cleavers, the Gorefast, an aggressive, agile creature with a sword for its one arm, the Stalker, a quick, acrobatic Zed with the ability to become almost invisible, the Husk, a tall, pained looking humanoid with a flamethrower affixed to its burning body, and the Siren, a slow, limping Zed with a large mouth and debilitating shriek attack.

In Killing Floor 2, players can team up with up to five friends to fight through the hordes of Zeds created by the experiments of Horzine Biotech gone wrong. The first person shooter will feature both traditional and “Mad Scientist” weapons, unlockable perks for customizable character progression, and a new persistent gore system.

Killing Floor 2 is releasing for PC and SteamOS later this year. For more information on Tripwire’s gory shooter, check out our earlier preview, or the first of the Specimen Identification Training Series videos.