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Tripwire Announces A New Blast Of Gore In Killing Floor 2

Sometimes it seems like you can't keep a zed down. Tripwire Interactive has announced that it's working on a sequel to its 2009 shooter, Killing Floor. Killing Floor 2 includes improvements to its melee combat, expanded perks, and a new blood system.

The game is set in Europe, one month after the events from the first game. Society is rapidly crumbling, and it's up to the player (either solo or with five friends) to try and clean up the mess that Horzine Biotech created. They'll do so using traditional firepower as well as so-called "Mad Scientist" weapons. As players progress, they can unlock perks to tailor their character to their own unique playstyles.

Tripwire seems especially proud of its new persistent blood system. As players slaughter the failed clones, they'll paint the walls with guts, gore, and severed body parts. Enemies can do the same, so it pays to stick close to your group, if you have one.

The studio has released a flood of new screens for the PC and SteamOS game, as well as a teaser trailer, which you can see below.

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  • Didn't see this one coming.

    Can't say I'm not excited though

  • Yes! Unexpected, but I'm on board. I still have a great time with the first game.

  • Can't freakin wait. My buddy and I got this game on a steam sell and I couldn't believe how much fun I ended up having in it. Hopefully they bring it to E3.

  • This video player is ass.
  • Holy unexpected game announcement Batman!

    I am pumped for this. The first Killing Floor is a blast.

  • *** yes, Killing Floor is zombies done right.

  • Very Excited, first game I got on steam wayyyy back when. Plenty of coop with friends.

  • pc is finally getting good games
  • Thank you Tripwire!!! I'm so ready for this!
  • ..Woo! :O

  • So... discount Resident Evil? no?, anybody?
  • Mod
    Killing Floor, great game, terrible multiplayer functionality. My Boyfriend and I have never been able to get either one of us invited to a private game for some co-op fun. :/ If I didn't get it cheap, would have been a waste of $. So unless this one actually has a standard and reliable multiplayer... I'll pass.
  • That trailer was metal. Still no console release though... C'mon guys.