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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2’s Zeds Look Pretty Gruesome

A new trailer for Killing Floor 2 shows off five different enemy types that will coming for tastiest parts. This is the first in a series of videos showing off Tripwire Interactive’s gruesome enemies.

In the video, you’ll get a look at the grunt-like Clots, Slashers, spider-like Crawlers, gnawing Cysts, and the heavy duty Fleshpounds. Suffice it to say, there will be lots of things to kill (and they will all be trying to reciprocate).

Killing Floor 2 will be out this year for PC and SteamOS.

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  • What the hell is this? It looks fantastic!!
  • Damn, can't wait. The enemies look creepy and the animations look good. Hope the enemies move fluidly.

  • I am the excitement.

  • I do not like those crawlers at all :(
  • They look impressive, wonder what the Screamer will look like but sadly I could care less, what's more important that this game gets with modern times and has dedicated servers for some damn proper multiplayer....I have the first one (thankfully got it super cheap, otherwise it be a waste) and I could NOT create a private game for my Boyfriend and I to play together....I bought both of us the game thinking that a game made in the year 2009 would have competent online capabilities. Instead we had to try numerous work-arounds and hoop jumping and still couldn't get it to work. For a game comprised on Multiplayer/co-op play it really should have had a stronger focus on it. I really dig the game, the weapons, enemies, levels and the enjoyment of taking down Hordes of enemies, but it's much more enjoyable doing it with friends, not by yourself or with random people. So, unless the team making KF2 can actually do improvements on that front, it's a big pass for me. On a side note, I wonder what the Holiday enemy designs will look like. the Nutcracker Fleshpounder is one of my favorite enemies of all time to shoot down.
  • Twisted!

  • Love the heavy horror/gore feel! First one was pretty good!

  • Creepy. Also, for a name, Fleshpound suits that enemy very well.