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Kid Icarus: Uprising - 3DS

Cerberus, Medusa, Dark Pit, And More In Kid Icarus Trailer

The Kid Icarus franchise will be making its long-awaited return on the 3DS early next year. This latest trailer from Nintendo shows off some of the mythical creations you'll be up against when you step into the toga of winged protagonist Pit.

The two-minute trailer below gives you a look at the multi-headed dog monster pictured above, as well as several other foes Pit will face, including a shadow double. You'll also get a taste of Pit's, um, interesting sense of humor. Hope you like dog jokes!

Watch the video below and then check out our hands-on preview from E3 for more info on Kid Icarus: Uprising.

  • that dialogue is just terrible, ive only seen this trailer and i have already heard enough of it.
  • This actually looks fantastic I have high hopes for this game. Might make me actually consider buying a 3DS....MAYBE..

  • oh dear. The VOs made me cringe.

    "No way!"

    "It's gigantic!"

  • I like the last line with Dark Pit's completely unenthusiastic "hey."

    The game still looks awesome!

  • Does every Nintendo character have a dark clone?
    Mario=Wario(Shadow Mario)
    Link=Dark Link
    Samus=Dark Samus
    Yoshi=Boshi(the *** yoshi from Super Mario RPG)

    Now Pit has Dark Pit?
  • I cant wait

  • I liked Lani Minella(SSBB) as pit instead of Johnny yong bosh (kid icarus uprising)
  • looks cool, maybe I'll have to get a 3DS after all.

  • Game looks neat.

    But the VO... (Picard facepalm)

  • I'm glad my room mates son is getting a 3ds for Christmas because this game looks like it could be fun.

  • Meh.

  • Wow, I forgot this game was happening. And it looks ballzor fantastic. I may just have to get a 3DS.
    Edit: 0:42: Jecht? Good to see you again.
  • I'll need to play the demo to know if I'm interested.

  • anyone else reminded of a kid-friendly DMC? i'm still gonna get it.

  • Oh my god, his dialog is worse than Dante's in DMC3...

  • Better than "HIYAYAYAYAYA".  (Thanks Brawl.)

  • I just want to fight Eggplant Wizards

  • Looks cool!

  • Looks like God of War combined with Sin & Punishment. Been waiting for this since the 3DS was announced.

  • I'm still not entirely sure what playing this game will be like, but it looks more interesting with every new trailer I see. I'm sold.

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