Techland, the studio behind Dead Island and the upcoming Dying Light, has announced that its first-person fantasy game will have a new home. The title, which was slated for last-gen systems, is now coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 alongside a PC release.

Hellraid looks like it brings some of the combat over from Dead Island with skeletons and demons in place of zombies. The skill trees are more free-flowing though, and do not restrict players to a specific class.

Hellraid was originally planned for release last year, but was delayed until 2014 in October 2013. At that time, Techland said that the game would be released “when it’s done.”

The title is now being built on a new engine (Chrome Engine 6), which is also powering Dying Light. Hellraid will feature both single-player and co-operative play for up to four. 

Hellraid will be out in 2015. Techland’s other new-gen title, Dying Light, is planned for 2014.