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Dying Light

Dying Light Trailer Will Make You Afraid Of The Dark

Techland made a name for itself in the zombie world developing Deep Silver’s Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. Now the studio is working with Warner Bros., mixing in some parkour to its undead antics.

This new trailer for the upcoming title paints a grim picture of a world gone mad. The undead become even more vicious at night, creating some harrowing encounters.

The trailer ends with a hint that the zombies might not be the worst thing in the new world. For more, you can read our most recent preview and check out a nine minute gameplay video. Dying Light is coming later this year for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • I'm so ready for this game, I wonder if they will explain why the zombies become more vicious at night? If they haven't already. Did anyone else hear the wilhelm scream at 1:53?
  • I am excited for this one. I loved DI.

  • The ending to the video was shocking.
  • I do like what the night time can bring, and the parkouring sounds cool, but I just can't get excited for this game. I guess because I never was into Dead Island.
  • hmm, looks pretty interesting. Might be some actual story here. Reminds me of dead island a bit. Hope you can go around during the day also, maybe explore the ruins and such. Could be interesting. Perhaps you can find logs or videos or recordings that tell you the horrors that unfolded there. I think that would be pretty cool :).
  • I'm stoked for this, looks like Dead Island but far more polished due to the new hardware. If they can remove all the framerate and glitch issues DI had and improve on gameplay this will be epic.

  • Cant wait for this. Really liked Dead Island despite some of its faults.

  • So far looking forward to this one when it comes out

  • Well, it looks pretty generic, but that last few seconds are chilling and it's a good voiceover overall.

  • Techland's Dead Island had a lot of potential. Dead Island Riptide did not show anything new (it was an exact example of a copy and paste game), which was very disappointing. If this game resolves what needed to be fixed with Dead Island and Riptide then maybe I will consider.

  • Still no release, was hoping that's what today was.

  • Pretty sweet trailer. I liked the grim tone especially the final moments

  • Say what you will about Techland but their trailers *** rule. I'm very excited about this. I can only hope it's as polished as Dead Island should have been.

  • LETS GO!!!! Cant wait to play this game!

  • Yes, we know. Zombies aren't the worse thing in an apocalyptic scenario. Anything I don't already know?
  • What is the exclusive "Be the Zombie" mode? I haven't read anything about that yet, except for at the end of the trailer. Edit: Pre-order Dying Light to receive the special Be The Zombie Game Mode! Be the Zombie is a PvP game mode and offers players the ability to stalk other players as a night hunter - a lethal predator with unique and deadly skills. Item will be packed with your game after launching. http://dyinglightgame.com/pre-order
  • Looks awesome from the trailers, but so did Dead Island.

    Hopefully Techland can deliver the goods in their third attempt in the Zombie genre.

  • *starts crying* mommy......

  • Was this the big announcement they were talking about? I was hoping for a demo.

  • looking forward for more details. Hopefully it is interesting/

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