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Ubisoft Gets Fans Ready For August 22 With A New Cinematic Trailer

Flashback, an HD remake of the 1992 Amiga title Flashback: The Quest for Identity, will be available in exactly one week through Xbox Live Arcade. Flashback is the third of four XBLA Summer of Arcade titles of 2013, and will launch on PlayStation Network and PC later this year.

Flashback is a sci-fi platformer developed by VectorCell and published by Ubisoft, and its release marks 20 years since the original game. Ubisoft’s latest trailer, below, highlights the utter confusion of protagonist Conrad B. Hart, who begins the game with no memories of his past or identity.

Look for Flashback on August 21. 

  • Coming to 360 first? Lame.
  • Awesome.

  • I think I'm having a Flashback right now.
  • Why the hell is it going to 360 first? why cant they release it on both ps3 xbox at the same time. i dont understand this exclusive nonsense.
  • Man, I totally got this game confused with another. This trailer really doesn't make me want to get this game though.
    Also, it says in the trailer that the game is coming to PC so how has that not been confirmed?...
  • It says at the end of the trailer that its coming to pc so I would take that as a conformation.

  • this is either gonna be epicly awesome or horribly aweful, CANT WAIT!!

  • Well they made the game sound epic in the trailer. I just hope it doesn't ruin what I remember playing in my childhood on Sega Channel.
  • I'd much prefer to see the original SNES/Genesis games' style remain intact. The flat-shaded polys and rotoscoped animations, much like with Another World (I think the same developer did both), are just striking. This though? Eh. It's technically sound of course, but it looks so much like a dozen other games. What's so special about Flashback now? Here's hoping Ubi Soft re-releases the title on GOG.com in the way it should be seen.
  • Hero= idiot

  • I hope its good!!!

  • Based on the trailer alone, I have no idea what kind of game this is. And, I can't recall another game trailer that advertises the game as a cult hit, that seems like an odd marketing tactic.

  • F**king WHAT?!

    Uhhhh, right, take my money. Just take it.

    For those not familiar with the gameplay of the original, it's a 2D Action/Platformer/Puzzler. Judging by some of the footage, it at least seems that play type is intact (the bit in the trailer when he wakes up on the jungle platform really gives me that feeling)

  • sorry...going to be too preoccupied w splinter cell...  i would love to see though a remastered version of system shock or hellbender...

  • I'm in!!!!!!!!! Spent a springbreak in grade school beating the hell out of this 2D side scrolling action platform puzzle game! Closest thing to the movie total recall in videogames! I didn't see the cube, the animation better be butter smooth with a sense of gravity, and they better keep the difficulty intact!
  • Balls. I've been really stoked about this, and now I have to wait. I don't mind the wait, I just wish there was a date instead of being like "later this year".

  • This should hold me over until Shadow Complex 2...right, Chair Entertainment? Please?

  • cool. will get it off steam when it gets there.