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Dragon's Crown

New Trailer Introduces The Wizard

We've met the fighter, the sorceress, and the elf. Now it's time to meet Dragon's Crown's wizard.

The video below is in Japanese, but you don't need to know the language to get a basic understanding of how the wizard defeats the bad guys. He doesn't do a whole lot of movement. He's more focused on throwing out spells, and keeping his hair flowing beautifully.

Dragon's Crown is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita August 6.

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  • I'm probably gonna play as this guy.

  • It still wont let me view videos wtf

  • Um...they already showed this video a few days ago here on GI lol
  • Looks great, but he needs a beard though.

  • Wiz dis.

  • In the Wizard's defense, his hair is very beautiful.


  • I hadn't heard of this game, but I'm looking forward to it from that trailer.
    •Music that sounds just like Vagrant Story!!! I'm having a hard time finding the track that has very similar sounds, so maybe I'll post a link to it later.
    edit: The music in both games is done by Hitoshi Sakimoto among others ( As for similarity, compare :26 - :32 in the wizard video to :40-:50 in the Sanctum track ( of Vagrant story. What follows in the wizard track with the high part and the "sprinkles" is used in other VS tracks.
    • Combat that looks (visually) like Dungeon Fighter Online, which recently closed its North America servers.
  • this looks sweet