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Dragon's Crown

Meet The Elf In The Latest Dragon's Crown Trailer

The latest Japanese trailer for Dragon's Crown highlights the elf and her bow skills.

Even if you don't speak Japanese, you should never pass on an opportunity to see Dragon's Crown in motion. All of Vanillaware's games have looked incredible, and Dragon's Crown is no exception.

We recently learned that the game will be heading to North America on August 6. The game will be available on PlayStation 3 and Vita, but will not be taking advantage of Sony's cross-buy program. If you want the game on both systems, you will have to buy it twice.

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  • I'm gonna get it for vita just looks like something that would do great on my vita really needs more games

  • That Elf looks overpowered.
  • Looking sweet.
  • I refuse to play this game because some of the girls in it have big boobs. That's how feminist and against exploitation of the female body I am.
  • Mod
    Can't wait to finally play this game. I love the art style and the gameplay looks fun and nostalgic. I've been waiting for it to release for quite sometime.

    For the record, I'm looking forward to playing as the Amazon and the Knight the most.
  • I am so buying this!

  • It's nice to see that the character that I'm going to play as looks to have awesome moves. ^_^

  • Damn all you mofos that didn't buy Murumasa on the wii. If it wasn't for you guys I would probably be playing this on my wii U. So far I've bought two copies of Murumasa one at launch and another one a little later down the road.

  • I'm offended that the elf has no boobs. It's totally racist.
  • looks interesting...

  • Yup, day one purchase.
  • This is a total day one purchase. That Sorceress is so hot lol!!!

  • Is it august yet?

  • the elf looks like link
  • This may be the class I start off with, game looks amazing.

  • interesting nice The Elf in The Dragon's Crown wow

  • Huh, it looks like she has some magic too. This could be a pretty cool class to play as.

  • wow, this is blocked but the amazon's trailer isnt

  • wow, this is blocked but the amazon's trailer isnt

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