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Dragon's Crown

Two New Videos Show Off The Many Styles Of The Fighter And Sorceress

Dragon's Crown has gotten some attention for it's exaggerated art style. While that is featured in the two new videos below, there is also a better look at the different gameplay styles for two of the character classes.

First up is the Fighter. He appears to be the traditional tank, using his sword to slash through enemies and his shield to charge through foes. The Sorceress has a bit more diversity, bringing necromantic powers, command over the elements, and powerful staff attacks to battle. Earlier today, we showed you the Wizard in action. The Elf is the fourth character class that will be available to players.

Dragon's Crown arrives on August 6, 2013, for PlayStation 3 and Vita.


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  • Every time i see this trailer I remind the comment that that 14 year old pseudo-journalist girl from kotaku made about the art style in this game.
  • Even though some of the character models are a little bit pervy, this game still looks awesome and it most likely will be a day one purchase for my Vita.

  • wow... that sorceress... um... she's hot.

  • Prediction. GI will score this game a 7... It will be my favorite game of the year anyway...
  • Sorceress definitely gives those DoA girls a run for their money...Though I will say gameplay-wise it actually looks like a fun romp...which is weird for me. I don't usually care for these sort of games Oo...OH GOD WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?!
  • This will be a day one purchase for The Brain.

  • Still think the Archer is overpowered.

  • I've been following this game since day one. Definitely getting this on release day.

  • It's good to see coverage of the game on this site without the cheap controversy other sites exploit. Good job, GIO.
  • Spellbinding indeed.

  • Can't wait to really try this.

  • Seriously with the boobs? Come on.
  • Dolly Parton must have been an inspiration for The Sorceress!!

  • What's up with the weird change in font size Mike?

  • getting this for this soley for the gilrs
  • This looks pretty awesome. I wonder if you stick with one character through the whole game or if they let you switch at all. Odin Sphere was so fun because you played as everyone, but I guess there wasn't co-op so they could do that.

  • 1. I want tot hank GI for covering this game as I am very excited about it.

    2.It is interesting that every minor update of the game I see the comment section go back and forth on the image issue.  I guess however you feel, hard to deny it draws a reaction.

  • Mod

    I can't wait to play this. It was cool to see a trailer dedicated to the Fighter(Knight)as he'll be my second character I plan on using a lot in this game. The first I'm looking forward to using is the Warrior, I have a thing for strong women, lol. -

  • i wouldn't mind playing this.