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Dishonored's End Game

Bethesda and developer Arkane Studios have just released the final developer diary for the game, and it talks about how the team brought everything together for the final product.

"We go from being directors early on, to being testers," says the game's co-creative director Harvey Smith.

Dishonored comes out for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on October 9.

Here are the other dev diaries:


The World and its Characters


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  • This looks so awesome. I don't think I've ever seen a game like this, except for maybe Bioshock. Lots of creativity.
  • The more and more I hear about this game, the more and more excited I get for it's release.

  • Yea they are really selling this game as a step forward from the really scripted experiences. Can't wait to get my hands on it and see for myself

  • Only game I'm really looking forward to this year, well that and another game, but that might not be out until next year.

  • My only problem is trying to to decide whether Dishonored or BioInfinite looks better.
  • I like that this combines the originality found in games like Bioshock and Alan Wake while bringing a versatility of combat. I've found, too often, that a game focuses strictly on one element and leaves the others to formula. Kudos to the dev team!

  • Glad this game is on the home stretch. We can almost play the game for ourselves.

  • Simply beautiful. Game Design definitely feels like the area where I belong. The ultimate art form

  • Staff
    Really excited for this game. My only question at this point is replayability -- hopefully there are enough gameplay options to warrant playing through it a couple times.
  • It looks fun. I want to know more the powers and how they effect story.

  • It looks fun. I want to know more the powers and how they effect story.

  • I can't wait for this to come out, definitely the pre-order I am most excited for.

  • I really hope it does great, Resident Evil comes out a week before so its prob gonna be rocky

  • Mod

    Definitely looking forward to this.

  • I think I'll go preorder it now....

  • So excited for this game! Two really awesome games (AC and Bioshock) mixed into a great combo! Can't wait to play this jaw-dropping game!

  • I can't wait for this to come out. This is one of those rare cases in which a game quickly catches my attention. Since the first trailer I saw I felt the need to play this game.

  • Mod

    Like a clever mix of Hitman and BioShock. I had no interest not so long ago, but now this is among my most wanted. Between varied gameplay options, interesting levels and thoughtful layout, nevermind creative presentation, definitely looking forward to this.

  • I just watched all of the dev diaries and all I have to say is, dear God I want this game so badly.

  • This game is so close to coming out! Looking forward to it.

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