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Exploring The World Of Dishonored

The latest developer diary from Dishonored developer talks about how the creative team came up with the fictional city of Dunwall and its characters.

The game's enticing style has many inspirations, and you can hear about them from the developers in this latest video.

Dishonored comes out for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on October 9. You can also take a look at our earlier preview, as well as click the Hub banner below.

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  • Less than a month away! Just paid off my preorder, I'm so ready for this.
  • I think I am looking forward to this game more so than any other this fall.

  • Still too long until it comes out.

    I want it now.

  • to bad i do not like the grfix
  • They have done so much great work to it recently... In the beginning it was something i kind of brushed off but it's seriously looking like GOTY potential. Never underestimate Bethesda
  • I'm very excited for this game, though I'll probably wait until December to pick it up after I've spent enough time in Borderlands 2 and my backlog.

  • Second most anticipated game of the fall for me! Borderlands 2 being the first.
  • This game looks awesome so far.  It looks like either this or AC3 will take the spot of GOTY I originally had reserved for ME3.

  • It looks beautiful, in an artsy sort of way. It's good to see Bethesda trying new things.
  • underdog GOTY

  • Looks positively FANTASTIC.

    (read that in frank wests voice.)

  • I hope they release several more of these behind the scene videos. The amount of creativity and talent going into this game is incredible.

  • French? I don't know now.................I am still excited, but more worried........

  • this games puts me in the mind of fable and assissians creed

  • keeping my eye on  this one :3

  • I think Dishonored is a great step forward for gaming, a lot of games now a days seem to copy what ever is hot with no new innovation or ideas.

  • Awesome, can't wait to explore it myself as well.

  • This game looks so incredibly beautiful- I'm afraid to play it for fear of ruining the visual appeal of other games!

    Aside from that, if the combat is anything like what it seems like it will be, other games are going to have to fight to measure up. Resident Evil 6 might hold its own, but this is likely going to set the bar for what 'great' is at a much higher level.

    Either way, I'll pay retail for this baby, and as long as it's not a two-hour playthrough, I'll be happy.

  • Lol it looked like an interrogation in a movie

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