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Dishonored Devs Talk About Flexibility In New Dev Diary

As Arkane puts it, Dishonored could very well be the first game starring an assassin who doesn't have to assassinate anyone. Take a look at how the game rewards all play styles in this new developer diary.

The team discusses how they work to anticipate what players will want to do, and make sure their simulation can handle it. For instance, a prominent ledge should be something players can climb. That doesn't mean everything's been planned. The clip gives plenty of examples of how players have surprised the team in tests by doing crazy (and effective) things with weapons and psychic powers.

Also check out the game's previous developer diary detailing the world and its characters.

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  • Was interested in buying this game, but until Bethesda can prove that they can program on the PS3, no buy for me.
  • I am excited for this one.  

  • A must have game

  • Thank god I preordered this a LONG time ago, looks like a sick game. I hereby dub October "Assassin's Month"!
  • That looks really fun!

  • Well, this and Halo 4 look like they have priority on my money and time for this year.
  • This game looks fantastic, like a mix of Thief, AC, and Bioshock.

  • The question this, or Assassin's Creed three?
  • I think Harvey Smith shared a similar story about being surprised by how a player chose to approach a situation in Deus Ex during it's Replay, very exciting to see that this game offers a similar level of freedom and creativity.
  • wow!

  • I am so excited for this! This is definitely getting pre-ordered!

  • I really want to play this. I think it will inspire other companies to have more choices for the player in a game.

  • I always end up giving too much money to the gaming industry around this time of year..
  • cool

  • You didn't have to kill in MGS4. But in the cutscenes, it's different.
  • And the competition begins!!!!!!!! Borderlands 2, Assassins creed 3, halo 4 and Dishonored for Game Of the Year!

    Because we all know mass effect 3 won't win :(............ Maybe Darksiders 2???????????

  • Definitely my most anticipated game.

  • Looking good!

  • Can't wait for this game. With all the people involved working on this game it should be very unique and exciting. Hopefully it puts Arkane on the map even more so.

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