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Dementium II

Exclusive Dementium II Trailer Takes A Look Behind The Scenes

It's been awhile since we heard of any news of Dementium II HD, the formerly DS exclusive horror title making its way to PC and Mac. Today, developer Memetic Games has offered us an exclusive behind the scenes look at development.

As was the case with the first behind the scenes episode of Dementium II, it's not quite what you expect.

Dementium II missed its original early 2013 release window, and now it is simply "coming soon" for PC and Mac. For more on the game, head here, and here.

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  • That thing is kinda ugly.
  • Interesting, but the enemies just look a little too cartoonish to be legitimately scary to me.
  • A Dementium 3D would be a great idea for 3DS.
  • I remember the original for the DS.

    Never played it, but I saw the review for it in an old gaminformer.

  • Full of win!

  • From DS to PC? That's quite the jump.

  • That was the corniest and lamest trailer I have ever seen... It played out like a boring documentary... The DBZ: Battle of Z trailer was comically bad, but this was just bad...

  • Looks more like a comedy.

  • My wife and I went to Cape Town and other parts of SA for our honeymoon back in 2010, it's awesome there. Never got to see a Colossus, though :/ Must have been their migrating season.
  • The "abdominal snow ghost"?

  • I wonder why Renegade Kid isn't involved with this at all, considering it's their IP. But nope - Digital Tribe and Memetic, that's it. Weird. You'd figure RK would take this opportunity to update their game production tech & knowledge a bit, so they wouldn't be stuck making eShop games exclusively...

    It's a cute video. They're pretty good at camera matching/match-moving :) It's a neat reuse of their game assets, that's for sure!
  • Really enjoyed the game on the DS, best FPS on the system. Not that there's a ton.
  • Am I the only one who noticed how buggy the security guards were? They were just running into walls half the time.

  • Mod

    This has def taken longer than I thought, i sadly wish this had a 3DS release, now that i own one.  I know I can just get the DS version but the updated one so far looks wayyy better!

  • I loved the original, but I don't know if I'd double dip.