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Dementium II

DS Title Dementium II Coming To PC

Dementium II originally released on the DS in 2010, and now it's getting ported to PC.

Like the DS game, you take on the role of William Redmoor, a patient of a mental institution for the criminally insane. It appears as though Redmoor may have murdered his wife and children, but his memories are unclear. Redmoor's inner-demons manifest themselves as real demons in the mental institution that he must fight.

Dementium II is set for its PC re-release near the end of this year. You can check out some screens and a teaser trailer for the game below. The game's website is also live, which you can check out by clicking here.

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  • Port? It looks like a different game altogether. (Perhaps you could consider consoles, or a new 3DS game, pretty please?)

  • DS to PC? O.o Looks interesting :D

  • Oh my gosh, yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!! I loved this on the DS and I know I'll love it on the PC too!

  • I never really played DS games, just got my first DS console (3DS XL), how is this game? And I'd like to see a sequel to this or something on 3DS :3
  • The first two monsters are kinda creepy but the third one looks pretty funny.
  • Cool, DS to PS. The screenshots look great. Excited for this game

  • "That was a mere glimpse of what I'm capable of." Excellent game, so glad they are giving it an updated port, it always seemed to me like it played like an early PC shooter. Still am holding onto hope for a Dementium 3 though.

  • Holy... That's a DS game!?!?
  • Wasn't that Dementium 1? Isn't this the sequel?

  • http://tinyurl.com/luckygrip    .   0. 0 .0. 0. .  .0 .0

  • I actually have the first Dementium, but have yet to play it, and I didn't even know there was a sequel.
  • That was awesome, the teaser! I might get it if it ports well. Like these type of survivor horror games.
  • I thought the DS game was pretty well done, but that trailer doesn't leave much room for hope.

  • I got this game a few months back for 2 bucks at a value store, played alittle of it and realized that I wanted to crack into it when I had time. Now may be the time!

  • That sounds like a plot of Silent Hill

  • Wow really? I never expected this! I loved this game, the best FPS on the DS.

  • Surprised you guys are even reporting on this since, as far as I can remember, you didn't even review the DS version. I don't think you reviewed Moon either for that matter.
  • man i love the DS version, but this looks even better!

  • I thought it got bad reviews, but I'm still be open to trying it. And I wouldn't call that a port, the majorly improved graphics makes it look more like a sequel, or a remake at the least.

  • I remember reading the review in Game Informer. I think it got like, a 3 or 4. This one probably won't get more.
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