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Dementium II

Dementium II Gets A Full Trailer

Dementium II originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2010, and now it's getting a port to PC and Mac. We've known that the port was in the works for some time, and we got a teaser trailer when it was announced, but now we get to see a much better trailer that gives players a better idea of what Dementium II is all about.

Check it out below, and look for the PC and Mac versions of the game early next year.

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  • Meh.
  • Ummm, Okay...

  • are those the graphics? or do they still look like n64 graphics?
  • No, this game isn't going to blow anyone away but it's still one of my favorite DS games of all time. I just hope that they add a lot of new stuff and that they aren't doing a straight port because this game could be so much better on a more powerful system.
  • I like how they conveniently placed the clipboard over the Nurse's mouth so they didn't have to animate lip syncing...They should port this to the Vita. The Vita is in dire need of some quality FPS's/Survival Horror games, and if they released this digitally for $15 or $20 I can see it doing really, really well on the handheld.
  • hmm

  • I had forgotten this was coming out on PC! I loved the DS version, easily the best FPS on the DS, not that there are a ton of them.
  • Creepy stuff, especially the hand crawling out of his mouth.

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  • Interesting. Maybe it'll at least get better graphics too...

  • I would like if both games were remade for consoles as well. I was kinda-sorta interested in them when they were released for the DS. And with this port going on, it makes me wonder if they're maybe planning a third one.

  • whoa that looks awesome

    will be sure to check this out

  • Considering I'm not a huge horror game fan, I would love it if Renegade Kid would give similar treatment to one their other FPSs for the DS, Moon. I loved that one.
  • The DS games have interested me-I'll have to check this out sometime.

  • Wow. That looks really bad. Graphics and the general idea are just awful. They should've at least remade the game using Source. DS to PC is just a weird idea.
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  • Seems like I've been waiting forever to see this in action.  I should go back to the DS game again.  It was really quite good.

    Be nice if they brought this to the Wii U or something as a downloadable title.

  • A DS port? Really?
  • Dementium II and Moon were great games.  Now that the 3DS has the Circle Pad Pro I'd love it if Renegade Kid made a new FPS, or at least made those two titles available on the eShop with CPP compatibility.

  • I find it weird that the original developers, Renegade Kid, have nothing to do with this PC version. I mean, sure, you could point to them being DS developers and say they're not equip to make a PC game. But that's hooey, I'm sure - even small teams of people these days can make impressive indie games on PC. And Renegade Kid has a lot of ex-Iguana guys; the Turok developers! I'm sure they're keeping up with tech, and able to produce something better than DS. Man, it's like all the fresh, interesting horror games are only appearing on PC these days. Meanwhile, the consoles get stuck with dumb, loud, derivative, clunky action games where the lights flicker on and off a lot, like with RE6 and Dead Space 2.
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