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EA And DICE Confirm Battlefield 4 Beta Details, Release Multiplayer Trailer

EA and DICE have released a new trailer showcasing some of the features of Battlefield 4's multiplayer modes. The video serves to show the breadth of experiences, from close-quarters combat to the more open theaters for which the series is known.

The ten maps and seven modes offer a variety of encounters and  the landscape deformation made possible by Frostbite 3. Bringing down large structures or simply cutting the power to get the jump on enemies are both elements that DICE expects players to factor into their strategies.

You'll get an early chance to try out some of the new offerings when the Battlefield 4 beta launches early next month. If you've pre-ordered the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe edition, are currently a Battlefield 3 Premium member, or have registered Medal of Honor: Warfighter's Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe edition, you'll be able to get into the beta on October 1. Everyone else can jump on October 4.

During the beta, players can experience the Siege of Shanghai map. Two modes will be available: Conquest and Domination. You'll be able to play the full version on October 29, 2013, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. For discounted upgrade offers for both next-generation consoles, visit the Battlefield website.

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  • Can't wait for this on next gen :)

  • Meh, kind of warn out on these types of games. Checked out the trailer to see If it would spark any interest but nothing.
    I think military shooters should take a three year hiatus at the start of next gen so they can feel fresh again. Just my opinion though, I know a lot of people like these games and that is fine, just looking forward to beyond two souls and watch dogs more this year. For next year looking forward to the division, the crew and the Witcher 3. Just about to get final fantasy XIV and grand theft auto V so they should be able to take up most of my time for the near future.
  • bonerific

  • Looks awesome.

  • Holy Sh%t Buckets.

  • Love my job, since i have been transportation in $82h... I sit reception, music enjoying whereas I add front of my

    new iMac that I got currently that i am creating it online...


  • Must resist not to buy same game. I only see bf3 3.5 version with better graphics.
  • Is the gunplay in Battlefield games anything like the CoD games? I want to make the jump to Battlefield, or at least try it because this game looks so good, but not knowing how the gunplay feels worries me.
  • i shall try it on pc and see how she runs. and if the game plays out nice then... well maybe i will pick it up

  • Dear Dice, Military first person shooters are a dime a dozen. Mirrors Edge was one of a kind, run with that...pun intended.
  • I can't wait for the Star Wars Batllefront trailers :)
  • Call of duty is for WIMPS!

  • Please let this game be better than 3!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to try the beta.

  • Is this going to be as useless as Battlefield 3's "beta"? There is no point in having a beta a few weeks before the game releases when you're using old code and don't even use any of the feedback to improve the full version of the game.

  • Better not be buggy as hell like the BF3 beta.
  • The fact that Rush isn't present is a real loss, but I'm sure they could at least add it from DLC if need be...

  • Is anyone else, dare I say "afraid," of the scale being too big?  It seems overwhelming at times.  I cannot wait!

  • I wonder how many dozens of nerfs the snipers will get this Time! Perhaps giant red balloons tied to their guns? A helicopter following them from above with spotlight? The possibilities are endless!
  • I love the campaign in both Battlefield and Call of Duty but I tried the multiplayer on both and just found it uninteresting. I'm more of a story guy I suppose.