New info highlights the kits that allow players to specialize their multiplayer experience in the upcoming game.

The Battlefield 4 official site is hosting a series of blogs that offer a glimpse into the upcoming game, and this week’s post tackles a variety of topics.

Most prominently, we get a look at the four main kits (support, engineer, recon, and assault) for each of three different countries – Russia, China, and the US. Each of those four kits has been reimagined to offer increased customization options. “Now more than ever, you can explore a wide range of combat roles and sub-roles when picking your load out and kit,” explains core gameplay designer Alan Kertz, before going on to explain the details of each class and their options.

Other topics include Battlefield 4’s focus on maintaining mobility for players as they enact abilities in the midst of a match, the approach to suppression fire, and how field upgrades work.

Check out the full blog entry for the complete picture.


Our Take:

DICE has access to over 1 billion hours of gameplay data from Battlefield 3, and it's attempting to use that data to help shape a better experience for the sequel. With each subsequent entry in big multiplayer games like Battlefield, the developer has access to larger troves of information about players and their habits. We can only hope that such information can be parsed out to help improve the final game.