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Learn About Three Of AquaPazza's Major Cast Members

Atlus' upcoming fighter borrows characters from other anime fighting games that have never made an appearance in North America. To give players a little background, Atlus is offering player cards detailing the cast of the game. Here are the first three.

In the gallery below, you will find details on Arawn, Karulau, and Sasara Kusugawa from Tears to Tiara: Garland of the Earth, Utawareumono: Lullaby to the Dying, and ToHeart 2 respectively. Atlus is promising more cards for more characters as the game gets closer to release.

AquaPazza is coming to PlayStation 3 both in retail and digital forms for $29.99 on November 19. For more on the game, head here and here.

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  • A fighting game featuring obscure anime characters... does anyone else see how this could flop?
  • I just pulled up some YouTube videos. Looks like Marvel vs Capcom just with a bunch of school girls!

  • Just like marvel vs capcom series and blazblue it looks like a fun fighter with lots of depth beneath all the bright colors

  • At first I thought she was Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile.
  • So obscure...

  • Looks better than Divekick.....

  • I'm actually glad AquaPazza is coming to PS3. It will be refreshing to see a different fighter.

  • Gotta love these Occupations! Cute, young teenager in blue Valkyrie armor with Spear & Shield? Student. Teenage anime dude in a black & red Final Fantasy Agito/Type-O like outfit? Overlord - obviously. Any game that can have Overlords and student amongst it's cast has got to come from Japan.

    I love ya, Atlus. But this looks pointless. Don't you guys also currently publish the KOF games and Persona Arena? If you want another 2D fighter, y'know Konami dropped Skullgirls and Lab Zero had to self-fund further development on that, right? Should've picked that up.

    Oh well. It is just $30, and a more obscure fighting game should result in a community that isn't so hardcore they keep new players from joining and being competitive - that's always good. And, it's going to be better than Divekick at least (I'm with you there, The_DASHing_RockMan!)
  • Looks like a solid game with fun characters. I will check it out.

  • it is time for a new fighting game with some new fighting systerms hope this is it
  • it is time for a new fighting game with some new fighting systerms hope this is it

  • well, better to check it out! hahaha!

  • Oh, Sasara. To Heart 2 was a very good game for its genre. Shame I never got to play the X rated edition, where Sasara made her first appearance.
  • Is this an exclusive on PS3 only? No Xbox version?