I've spent plenty of time discussing my love for the Mario series in articles and on Replay, and playing through Super Mario 3D Land brought back lots of great memories. Nintendo fans are thrilled about the game's inclusion of the classic Tanooki suit, so I put together my ten favorite Mario power-ups in honor of its return.

10. Wing Cap

If you saw our Replay of Super Mario 64, you'll remember that I was the only one defending the wing cap. While the other guys on that episode seemed to have issues with the control, I thought flying over the Mushroom Kingdom in 3D for the first time was a great experience. You never really did much other than soar around and collect coins, but it was fun while it lasted.


9. Boomerang Suit

Super Mario 3D Land isn't all about nostalgia and fan service, as it introduces some new suits to the mix. My favorite of the new power-ups was the boomerang suit, which you can acquire from a boomerang flower or the occasional Hammer Brother. The blue projectile works great for taking out enemies, and you can even hop over its return trip if you want to whip it around like that sweet throwing star in Ninja Gaiden.


8. Invincibility Star

One of the few power-ups with its own (unmistakable) theme song, the invincibility star is a staple of the Mario series. Outside of an awesome somersault jump in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 3D Land, it doesn't change the way Mario moves at all. Instead, it simply makes him unstoppable. Sprinting through crowds of Goombas is fun, but my favorite levels were the ones from SMB 3 that required you to collect successive stars so you could cross over those chompy flower jerks.