In a more freeform podcast, we tackle a bunch of the week's hottest topics in gaming. Things kick off with host Matt Helgeson being joined by Ben Reeves, Bryan Vore, and Kyle Hilliard. Also, we have a VERY special guest: Kyle daughter Claire (you might remember her from this video where Kyle reads her the Legend of Zelda as a bedtime story). In any case, the crew is here to discuss the recent leak of information about Bungie's next project -- and also speculate on just how soon we might see the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles hit the market

Next up, Matt is joined by a returning Bryan Vore along with Dan Ryckert and Ben Hanson for some updated impressions of the Wii U. The guys all bought the console at launch and have been spending a lot of time with the system, both playing games and digging into its online and media features. They report back with a more detailed and critical report on the console -- and also some positive views on its future.