Beatshapers has announced a new action title called Kill All Zombies that will invite your friends to affect the game. The concept is similar to Dead Nation and Zombie Studios' Daylight, with broadcast viewers impacting the game via Twitch chat.

Viewers will be able to vote on encounter options for the player every 80 seconds. These include zombie spawns, events, perks, and bonuses.

Those watching can also vote on which perk the player should take. If he or she waits for the vote and goes along with the crowd, additional experience and health will be awarded. Chat commands can directly impact the player’s speed, health, and enemy spawns. 

There’s even an option to change the player’s camera angle, reverse the control scheme, and mess with the game in other ways. Hidden commands are peppered into the experience, and developer Beatshapers plans to reveal them over time.

The game plays like a standard twin-stick shooter, with a variety of weapons available. The plan is to release the game first on PlayStation 4 in September.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
This level of interactivity is in its nascency, and I expect it will evolve beyond “mess with the player” in the coming years. The chance for the audience to play a meaningful role in single-player experiences is powerful and one of the best uses of Twitch as a platform for interactions. I don’t know that I’d ever watch one of these streams or subject myself to being the player on one, but as a starting point for bigger and better implementation, I find it fascinating.