Originally a downloadable PlayStation 3 title, Dead Nation is getting quite an update for its PlayStation 4 debut. Dubbed the Apocalypse Edition, this new and improved version of the twin-stick zombie shooter boasts a number of improvements and additions over its last-gen predecessor.

Apocalypse Edition will feature improved textures and effects and can be played in full 1080p HD. Controls have also been improved upon with the introduction of a quick weapon select function. The Road To Devastation expansion for the original PS3 version of the game comes included with Apocalypse Edition, featuring two extra game modes, Arcade and Endless.

Brand new to the PS4 version of the game is Challenge mode. Now upon the completion of a level you can send your score to a friend for them to beat.  When the friend accepts the challenge and attempts to beat the score, your avatar will appear in-game, allowing your friend to see how you achieved your score and inspiring them to keep up.  The game will also come with a Broadcast+ feature which allows for some interesting dynamics between the person playing the game and all the people watching. Viewers of the stream can actually influence the difficulty of the game by voting on various options, like spawning ammo packs for the player or creating a mob of zombies. Viewers will appear in-game for the player to kill as named zombies.

The game is to be released tomorrow on the PlayStation Store and will retail for $15. However, if you are a PlayStation Plus member you can download the game for free. You can check out the game's announcement trailer below.