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Daylight Gets Release Date On PS4 & PC

Atlus and developer Zombie Studios have announced a release date and price for first-person horror PC/PS4 title Daylight.

The game comes out on April 8 for $14.99. Atlus says it's still working on release details of the game's pre-order campaign.

Atlus and Zombie Studios have also announced that the game is 3D compatible, and that the developer is working on a way in which users can use Twitch chat to trigger in-game events. One of the tentative examples cited would be if someone types in a word while watching the stream, a related audio cue would then occur in the game. The studio says that there will be a timer buffering the frequency of the words and that the full list of words usable will not be released.

For more on the game, take a look at the screens below as well as this trailer.

Note: Atlus has clarified our earlier misunderstanding regarding the Twitch chat feature. Typing in a word will generate an audio cue in the game, not the word itself. The original text has been updated to reflect this info.

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