Both games are still releasing in September, but they have swapped release dates.

Natural Doctrine (above) was announced to be releasing on September 16 back in June. In an update from Publisher NIS America, it announced the game will now be releasing on September 23 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita.

In July, NIS America announced Fairy Fencer F (below) would be releasing on September 23. Now, the game is set to release on September 16 on PlayStation 3.

Just to be clear, here are the new release dates in short bullet-list form, just so there is no confusion:

  • Natural Doctrine - September 23
  • Fairy Fencer F - September 16

For more on Natural Doctrine, you can find a trailer for the game here, and screenshots announcing the game's localization for North America here. To see a trailer for Fairy Fencer F as well as some additional information, head here.


Our Take
A small change like this doesn't really count as a delay for Natural Doctrine. For whatever reason, NIS America decided it wanted Natural Doctrine to release second instead of first among its September releases. Considering Natural Doctrine is releasing for more platforms than Fairy Fencer F, that's the bigger release, so it's smart to let it come out second. Fairy Fencer F's marketing exploits will be complete by that time.