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Natural Doctrine

NIS America Bringing The Strategy-RPG To North America, Europe

NIS America announced that it is bringing Kadokawa Game’s Natural Doctrine to North American and European markets. Natural Doctrine is releasing on PlayStation 4, PS3 and PS Vita.

In Natural Doctrine, you play as an explorer wandering below the surface to collect the desirable mineral Pluton. On your trip, you and some friends discover a new evil and must strategically engage it in battle, escape, and warn the Kingdom of this new threat.

Gamers have the ability to use multiple Sony systems for its cross-save and cross-play features with Kadokawa Game’s strategy-RPG. Natural Doctrine is set to release fall 2014 in North America and Europe on the three Sony platforms. It releases in Japan on April 3.

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  • The backgrounds in these images seem bland, but this looks like it might have some potential.

  • Huh.. this could be cool, though it's difficult to tell with so little information :p Pictures are pretty..

  • I just if you buy for ps3/ps4 you get vita version free, if not i don't care.

  • This looks interesting, I'll have to check it out.


  • hurrah!

  • excited, and glad it's not coming out until Fall...I have a HUGE back catalog to play through right now and more incoming! :-D

  • I'm very interested. Cannot wait to see more.

  • Below the surface of the earth I presume? These graphs dont look very PS4 they look PS2 if anything. I'll need to know more to decide if I am interested.
  • I never played a game quite like this so this will be one to look into for more info and to see the gameplay footage as well.

  • Mod

    God Bless NIS!

  • Spiky hair. Enough said.

  • It gets points for having an awesome name.

  • This game is lucky, I am now a strategy RPG diehard fan becuase of Fire emblem

  • Strategy RPG always peaks my interest, but these screenshots look like crap.

  • I love the idea behind this game. It's replicating the feel of figures on a tabletop.

  • I hear this plays like Valkyria Chronicles. If it's anywhere close to that, I'm all in!