As we ring in the New Year with the first episode of Blog Herding in 2014, one of my resolutions is to continue highlighting the best blogs of the week from our devoted team of community bloggers, who in 2013 posted nearly 4,000 blogs. May the New Year bring you many blessings and prosperity.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: December 22, 2013 – December 29, 2013
Number of User Blogs: 33
Number of User Bloggers: 25
Number of User Blogs Herded: 9

Community Events:

GIO 2014 Fantasy Football League Scoreboard – The Championship Game
It all comes down to this – cerpintaxman posts the final blog in the series announcing this year's GIO Fantasy Football League results and champion. Congratulations to all of the players, and to the winner. 

Community Blogs:

My Top 20 Games Of 2013
With a year that has witnessed some of the best games in the history of gaming, it is easy to overlook some of the less popular titles. Enuo's blog reminds us of some of the other great games of the year. 

Top 15 Happiest Songs In Gaming
Not only does xl9 share his favorite video game "happy" songs, he also somehow managed to find videos for every single one of them before packaging them together in this tidy little blog.

On Lacking Backwards Compatibility
RezidentHazard (Skeptical Inquirer) doesn't pull any punches with his critical commentary focused on the lack of backwards compatibility in the new consoles and the reasons why it still matters.

Essay On Fumito Ueda's World Design
This essay by seb100172 exploring Fumito Ueda's World Design is somewhat of an enigma. It is certainly lengthy and thorough, and has earned about 5,000 views, but still hasn't received a single comment.

Irony Alert: I Bought A Mac
Doctor Apozem admits he was harsh on Mac computers, but having purchased one now, he shares his thoughts on the platform and what it's like using one to play video games.

My 2013 Games Of The Year
It was a great year for games and airbornebovine doesn't just pick a single Game of the Year, but instead selects a Game of the Year for a variety of different platforms, while providing a mini-review of each.

Top Ten Tuesday 50 – My Top Ten Dream Games
Whether you knew Eric Watson was working his way towards posting 50 Top Ten lists in 2013 or not, his latest episode marks this milestone accomplishment, and it happens to be one of his best lists.

Undead Labs Discusses State Of Decay And Disability In Gaming
LetMeGetToACheckpoint lands an impressive interview with a representative from Undead Labs to discuss the accessibility features found in State of Decay, their recently released zombie survival game.

Epic Gaming Trends Of 2013
The end of the year ushers in plenty of discussion about different elements from the year.mArkayde discusses some interesting trends found in a few of the year's biggest games. 

Community Reviews:

No No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch – Tacking Into The Winds Of Adventure
Tim Gruver evaluates Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, praising it for being a video game new and veteran fans of the Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) genre are sure to appreciate.

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Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community (12/23/13 – 12/29/13):
airbornebovine; ajwilkie; Alex Excelsior!; Anthony D'Elia; Arkayde (2); Braydo; cerpintaxman; Cody LaCrone; Doctor Apozem; Enuo; Eric Watson; Jack Treese (2); LetMeGetToACheckpoint; lovemeorshootme; Noobtubin8er (3); pestulio007; Prince of Snark Euphoric Ennui I; RezidentHazard (Skeptical Inquirer); seb100172; The_DASHing_RockMan (2); Thomas Stensland; Tim Gruver (4); VannahFoxTheTriforceWielder; xl9; and Zebra3.

Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
"Just responded to the most touching fan mail. It's amazing how much something as simple as a video game can change one's life." @NoogyTweet