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The Championship Game.  The most important game of the season, and even more, the final game of the season.  Yes, this is the last Tuesday I'll be bringing you the weekly goings-on of this fantasy football league.  It's been fun doing this week in and week out, and I sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed reading these.  Moving on though, last week's question has been answered.  Who is the league champ?  Who took home the Golden Pipo?  Did Chris just edge me out in a close game or did I blow him out of the water like Week 2?  The answers shall be had, but first I have to cover....

The Consolation Ladder, Final Round

#10 Bourbon St Skankzillas 71
#9 Hand of Thrawn 109

If you recall last week's edition of the scoreboard, you'll remember that the final round of the consolation ladder wound up a gaggle of rematches.  We kick the the third round off with a game that ended much the same as the first one, Hand of Thrawn delivering a beatdown on the Bourbon St Skankzillas, finishing up the season winning 109 to 71.  Ending the season on a losing note for the Bourbons was Jarret Boykin, Riley Cooper, and Alex Henery (11 pts each), and Jimmy Graham (who provided 13).  Scoring for the best team not in the playoffs was Andrew Luck (13 pts), Jamaal Charles (19 pts), Chris Ivory (10 pts), A.J. Green (21 pts), Tony Gonzalez (12 pts), and the Bills defense (19 pts).

#12 LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 74
#11 Team Vaas 86

We had a three-quel this weekend between two teams, Si's Team Vaas taking on LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team a third time, and for the second time in the consolation ladder.  They've split the season series to this point, Checkpoint taking the regular season game and Team Vaas taking the first round game.  The scales had to tip to end the season, and it was Team Vaas walking away 2-1 and ending a rough, up and down fantasy year on a positive note.  Leading the way for Si's team was Donald Brown and DeMarco Murray (22 pts to each), and the Seahawks defense (11 pts).  Meanwhile, scoring for Checkpoint was Jay Cutler (13 pts), Stephen Gostkowski (13 pts, as well), and the Patriots defense (with an impressive 26 pts).

#14 Cobra Unit 53
#13 Real Radioactive 89

Real Radioactive lost an embarassing game to Cobra Unit back in the first week of consolation ladder action, that in my opinion, put the league's second worst team in contention for the not so prideful honor of the Bronze Kai Leng award.  Fortunately for Deathbat's team, Supersnake's (I finally found out two weeks back who Cobra Unit is) showed their true colors last week, and also lost this week, 89-53.  Leading the way in helping CU lose was Tony Romo (15 pts) and Roddy White (20 pts), with the Browns defense (-3 pts) not really helping much.  Finishing the season on a positive note for Radioactive was Colin Kaepernick (22 pts), Fred Jackson (17 pts), and Demaryius Thomas (18 pts).

Now onto the....

Winner's Consolation Ladder, Final Round

#8 The God of Wine 106
#4 Hocotate Cobras 45

What I was hoping would've been an epic third place game turned out a rather disappointing blowout, The God of Wine demolishing the Hocotate Cobras by sixty-one points, 106-45.  In a game that somewhat symbolized attackcobra's season, his guys really didn't show up.  Hell, the only effort worth mentioning is the Lions defense 10 points effort.  Only Matt Ryan (17 pts) really could've helped the team from the bench.  An altogether awful game for HC.  On the other hand, Blake's team showed the promise they had earlier in the season, Nick Foles scoring 18 points, Eddie Lacy getting 20, Dez Bryant 13, Josh Gordon 11, and Pierre Garcon with 20.  Again had he played some of those guys last week, he would've advanced to the Championship and likely won it (you'll see why when I cover it).

#5 Golden Chocobos 65
#1 Ponder This 83

While it was an excellent comeback season for the Golden Chocobos, that luck didn't apply to this game, the once top team Ponder This taking the win by a score of 83 to 65.  Regardless of the loss, if there's one team in this league that had heart, it was GCsoxfan's Chocobos, and showing it in this game was Drew Brees (11 pts), Michael Crabtree (10 pts), Phil Dawson (11 pts), and the Broncos defense (12 pts).  Going to the other side of the ball, leading for Watchman's guys was Ryan Mathews (17 pts), Julius Thomas (13 pts), Matt Prater (14 pts), and the Panthers defense (12 pts).

#3 The Orange Box 69
#2 Blue Stingers 44

Both the The Orange Box and the Blue Stingers, the second and first place teams respectively during the regular season, have disappointed in the playoffs.  Both lost in the first round of the postseason and also lost their first winner's consolation games.  Ending that business was The Orange Box, as they put down Saturday Morning Replay's team 69 to 44.  I suppose it's no surprise given how injuries have ravaged SMR's team, but it must suck to end the season so rough.  Anyway, only effort worth mentioning from Nabil's team is Frank Gore's 15 point performance.  Winning the game for the game for The Orange Box was Joe Flacco (12 pts), Nick Novak (15 pts), and the Rams defense (17 pts).

*lights dim*

Yes, what seemed decided early on, turned out to be a nail biter, as my Cerpin Taxmen take home the Golden Pipo against Chris' Favorite Team on The Citadel, beating the league commissioner 105 points to 94 points.  I'm glad I get to play my win theme at least once more this season.  Amusingly, and unlike most games this week, the Championship Game was decided on Sunday.  Didn't make it any less tense.  Scoring early on for my guys was Andy Dalton, who singlehandedly demolished the Minnesota Vikings, got 31 points, the surprising pick DeAngelo Williams with 12 points, Joique Bell, who I got in a trade with Chris, scored a nice 21 points, and finally, the guy who turned out to be somewhat of an anchor for my Taxmen, Eric Decker, scored a fist-pumping 25 points.  Kirk Cousins 10 points, Alfred Morris' 14, Antonio Brown's 10, and the 14 points the Cardinals defense scored for FToTC made it seem like I'd walk away with an easy win.  Not so, as LeSean McCoy'ss dominant night against the Bears seemed like it wouldn't stop.  He kept on getting points and had me a nervous wreck who was doing everything to avoid paying attention to the Sunday game.  McCoy had 27 points when thankfully the Eagles pulled him out of the game, thus securing the game and the Championship for my Taxmen.  If Chris had chosen to play Nate Washington (17 pts) over Kendall Wright (a measly 2 pts), I would be cursing my decision not to start the Bengals defense (21 pts) and Chris would be your league champion.  But fortunately that isn't the case, and I get to close out the scoreboard the champs: GOOOOOOO TAXMEN!

And now, the final standings of the Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League.

Final Standings:

1. Cerpin Taxmen 7-6
2. Favorite Team on The Citadel 7-6
3. The God of Wine 6-6-1
4. Hocotate Cobras 7-6
5. Ponder This 10-3
6. Golden Chocobos 7-6
7. The Orange Box 8-5
8. Blue stingers 9-4
9. Hand of Thrawn 6-6-1
10. Bourbon St Skankzillas 6-7
11. Team Vaas 6-7
12. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 4-8-1
13. Real Radioactive 4-9
14. Cobra Unit 2-10-1

Well, that wraps it up for the scoreboard.  there's some things I can say, but you know what?  i prepped a little video to say it for me: