Top Ten Tuesday 50

My Top Ten Dream Games


Disclaimer: There are many top ten lists but this one is mine, if you think a game is missing here, I either didn't play it, didn't have any interest in it, or I just hate you.


Pre-List Notes

At last we've made it - fifty top ten lists, one new list nearly every week of the year. It's been an incredible motivator to keep me writing on my blog and a lot of fun to explore topics both common and unique. Since this final list falls the same week as Christmas, I've decided to do something special: I'm going to list my top ten dream games. These are video game concepts that exist only in my head; ideas that I've fleshed out just enough to create a concept that makes sense. Also, you're not going to see flimsy sequel yearnings here ("I want another Chrono game!"), only original or semi-original games or adaptations. Each entry includes a dumb working title, a classic one sentence pitch summation, and a brief explanation of the concept. If I could make a corny Christmas wish this year it would be to see these games (or ones similar) become reality. Join me for my final Top Ten Tuesday, and my final list of 2013 with my Top Ten Dream Games.


Top Ten Dream Games


10) Working Title: Possession

Pitch: Take the real time strategy battles and 3D action of Brutal Legend and Sacrifice with the ability to switch to first/third person to control of any of your units on the battlefield.

Concept: I'm a big Dungeon Keeper fan, and one of the neater little tricks was a spell that allowed you to take control of any of your minions during combat, shifting the RTS perspective to a rudimentary first person action game. I've rarely seen a game utilize this since, and it would be a great focus for a small scale, action-oriented RTS. Even multiple players could play on the same team and take control of forces at will, gaining a superb level of micromanagement, or go back to the commander view to direct things from above. A single player campaign could explain that you're a dead soldier brought back in a wraith-like form to continue to lead your troops, literally by taking control.



9) Working Title: NFL Head Coach

Pitch: Take control of an NFL team from the coaching side by calling plays, training your players, and playing through each game from a tactical perspective.

Concept: I love football but I suck at football games - the amount of options and button combinations are overwhelming, but I'd love a game that let me strategize the whole game from a tactical view and then see a competent AI play it out. Of course an important feature would be to play as any player on the field and run it myself a la Madden, but the focus would be on the overall strategy of the game and the team's direction throughout the season.



8) Working Title: Eric Watson's Space Pirates!

Pitch: Sid Meier's space.

Concept: I adore Sid Meier's Pirates; part pirate simulation part arcade ship combat with simple but fun timing puzzles for combat and.....dancing? It's a wonderfully fun formula and one that could easily be plastered onto different themes. Most easily would be a cool sci-fi setting where you pilot your own spacecraft. From there you can capture other ships and create a fleet, or go it alone. Just like Pirates ships can be small and swift or enormous and carry entire armies worth of troops, and a randomly generated galaxy would simulate trade routes, bounty hunters, and general universal society while you decide how to play your game. Basically I want a real time ongoing simulation version of Space Rangers (pictured above).



7) Working Title: Haunted

Pitch: A real time strategy game where you get to play the monsters, ghosts, and demons trying to kill hapless teens.

Concept: Ghost Master is a brilliantly underrated title that gives you several ghosts and a Sims like map with which to scare the pants off people, earning you more haunting power and experience for your ghouls. I'd love to expand this concept with all sorts of killer creatures - think Cabin in the Woods. Let me play all the monsters and bad guys from other games, have each creature with its own class type and abilities, and deploy them to wreck havoc against unsuspecting people. Watch out for ghostbusters, paranormal investigators, and those pesky resourceful teens though!



6) Working Title: Grand Theft Spaceship

Pitch: Take the open world chaotic fun of GTA or Saint's Row and give it a mature sci-fi setting.

Concept: Rockstar has proven that they're capable of making an awesome open world game beyond the low-hanging modern satire of the GTA series. Now that they've made the definitive Western game, it's time we saw the same awesomeness applied to a great science fiction setting. I'm picturing a world like Futurama - an infinite amount of crazy alien races, tons of casual space travel, and a good sized futuristic city to explore. A great single player story could explore many classic sci-fi themes like Red Dead did with Westerns, and a multiplayer mode would allow friends to explore the city-state and neighboring hostile planets or dimensions together. Sci-fi GTA needs to happen!



5) Working Title: Strange Land

Pitch: After being rudely abducted by aliens, the alien ship crash lands on a strange and exotic world - Earth 65 million years ago!

Concept: My love for dinosaurs has been well established. Picture this: your average badass (male or female, your choice) is abducted by aliens and experimented on. The ship malfunctions during flight and crash lands on a strange primeval world. Well actually it's Earth, in the Cenozoic era! Armed with cool alien powers you steal some equally cool alien weaponry and high tail it out of there. Now you have to contend with the surviving aliens trying to recapture you as well as a fully fledged dinosaur ecosystem with radiant AI, and a beautiful world waiting to be explored. Although combat would certainly be involved, the focus would be more about survival in this harsh world. We could always add cooperative multiplayer as well - you weren't the only one that was abducted...



4) Working Title: Gotham City

Pitch: Create the entirety of Gotham City in a massive open world that acts as Batman's playground.

Concept: Even before the Arkham series made Batman a viable and popular gaming icon, I've wanted a proper open-world Batman game. While the latter Arkham games come close, I still want something much larger and more akin to the scope of GTA V's Los Santos. Give us all of Gotham City in its dark, crime-riddled glory, so much that the title of the game doesn't even have Batman in it as it's really all about the city. Let me change into Bruce Wayne in the daytime to drive around and gather contacts, find collectibles, and perform various mini-games to increase Wayne's prestige for experience. At night we don the cape and cowl and take to the streets - or better yet roll around in the batmobile or any one of the Batman's signature vehicles. Randomized crimes take place all over the city from minor scuffles to armed bank robbery and more, as well as major and minor story arcs and a main quest line that takes the best stuff from the Arkham games. I'm thrilled that Batman has received such great attention in the last generation, but feel that there's still an ultimate Batman game waiting to be created.



3) Working Title: Powered

Pitch: Recreate the hero creators and worlds from City of Heroes/Champions Online in a non MMORPG open world..

Concept: I'm one of those that had the most fun with City of Heroes and the like with the awesome superhero creator. Choosing your own ability set was fun but being able to customize your own original superhero with the insane amount of options was a real treat that few games have been willing to replicate. Well I want that amount of customization in an original superhero game with its own decent sized world to explore. To compensate the multiplayer should be much smaller - like a GTA size server of 16 people. Super-powered heroes and villains would be rare, as they should be, and a clash in the city with real time deformation and destruction would be absolutely amazing. Single player could also follow the rise of your super powered character as you decide what path to follow and how to use your powers, not unlike Infamous. But a focus on multiplayer with showing off your own customized superhero, teaming up and forming supergroups with friends and raiding hero/villain hideouts would be amazing - just take out the unnecessary MMORPG aspects and we're golden.



2) Working Title: Transformers: Generation One

Pitch: Finally explore the era of the original cartoon in a new multiplayer-focused Transformers title.

Concept: The Cybertron prequels by High Moon Studios have been amazing pieces of fan service and great games in their own right. But what fans want most at this point is to see our favorite Robots in Disguise make it to Earth and play out events from the original 80s cartoon show. A single player campaign could focuse on many of the better plot points from the show, ending with the Decepticons retaking Cybertron and the Autobots establishing moon bases - setting up the sequel that is the '86 film and the rise of Unicron! But the real treat would be mulitplayer - On Earth the Transformers are much more finite and actually rely on their disguised alternate forms to hide amongst the population, both from their foes and from unwanted human attention. This works as an interesting form of camouflage in my dream of an MMOish multiplayer server as players vie for important resources and try not avoid big battles in the middle of the city which create huge armies of humans to spawn in and mess up your day.



1) Working Title: Battlefield Dino-Riders

Pitch: Take the multiplayer combat of Battlefield and add dinosaurs - DINOSAURS.

Concept: Some of you may be too young to recognize the above picture. If you can pull your eyes away from its sheer greatness, I will explain that it was a short-lived cartoon in the 80s with its own awesome toy line. Space-faring dudes (very Star Trek-like) were fleeing evil anthropomorphic aliens and ripped a hole in space time blah blah they both crash landed on primitive Earth. So what do they do? They use technology to equip the conscripted dinos and mount laser rifles and basically hi-tech saddles and continue to battle each other. This is a game that needs to happen! Lasers! Space! Dinosaurs! Laser-dinosaurs! The large maps of Battlefield can recreate huge swaths of canyons, jungle, and rainforests with pieces of spaceships and structures strewn about. And of course, most of the vehicles are dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes - with giant ones like the T-Rex holding a dozen players in various slots to rain down death - with the captain able to act as the pilot and crush, chomp, and inspire fear in everything around him. Yes. Yesssss.



Wrap Up

It's been a fun fifty lists, and I was excited to share some of my more realized video game ideas with all of you. Some of them are, like the video game process, are very iterative (combine <popular game mechanics> with <cool game setting>) while others are just neat ideas. Looking at the above list it's pretty obvious that I'm a big fan of open-world games that let me explore with friends, but with a smaller scale rather than giant MMORPGs. We're also in a terrible dearth of good strategy games these days, and some of my dreams definitely reflect that desire to see more real time strategy titles. If you've had any great ideas be sure to share them in the comments, we gamers can be a creative bunch. Happy Holidays!


Within the next week or two I'll post a full Top Ten Tuesday recap that will also act as a bit of a farewell. This will not mean I'm quitting my blog or the GIO community however, I love you guys too much. But it does mean that my posting will slow down significantly and mostly come down to Final Thoughts posts for Rogue's Adventures as well as any topics or lists that I deem personal enough to post here - which will certainly include my upcoming Top Ten Games of the Year and Most Anticipated for next year. Most of my writing will be focused on Leviathyn as we unveil our grand opening of our newly revamped site in early 2014, and I've accepted a position as the PC Editor. Be sure to check out my reviews, articles, and videos here: Eric W., Author at Leviathyn . As always, thanks for reading.