Crytek's gladiator-themed launch title is getting four multiplayer-oriented DLC packs after release, available for a discounted price via the newly announced season pass.

Today Microsoft revealed some details regarding Ryse's season pass, which focuses squarely on multiplayer content. There will be four DLC packs released "in the months following launch," containing a total of 14 multiplayer maps, six player skins, a new mode, new level events, and a new tier of weapons and armor. The season pass also contains an exclusive sword and shield that endow the player with multiplayer bonuses. The season pass will set players back $19.99, which Microsoft says is more than a 25-percent discount than if you choose to buy all the DLC individually. 

Both Ryse: Son of Rome and the season pass will be available alongside the Xbox One's launch on November 22. To see the title in action, check out the gameplay demo from this year's E3, or read Tim Turi's impressions of Ryse's co-op gameplay.


Our Take
Ryse's season pass is cheaper than most, but there may be a reason for the discounted price. While Ryse is one of the best-looking launch games for the Xbox One, the gameplay has spawned mixed impressions due to its heavy reliance on quick-time events. While I'm sure Microsoft would love Ryse's season pass to be a launch-day impulse buy, it's never a bad idea to wait until you get some hands-on time with a game to determine if more content is worth the cash.