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Ryse: Son of Rome

Entering The Arena With A Buddy

Yesterday we played Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome and got a feel for the basics of combat and the execution-based perks system. Today at a pre-Gamescom 2013 event in Cologne, Germany, we tested out the two-player co-op mode. Another player and I stepped into the arena and faced waves of enemies while satisfying simple mission objectives.

Combat in Ryse revolves around slashing enemies with your sword, bashing them with your shield, and blocking incoming attacks Each player begins by selecting one of Ryse’s four perks (XP boost, health regen, damage gain, and a smart bomb-esque attack speed power). The co-op gameplay takes place inside a big gladiatorial arena, but the environments within replicate swampy villages or have traps strewn among crumbling pillars. The idea of changing terrain between rounds reminds me of the Pokémon Stadium stage in Super Smash Bros. In one instance I was trapped in a prison of tall spikes and had to slash my way to freedom. Sometimes you and your armored friend have to simply defeat a required number of barbarians, but one round required us to burn their tents by knocking over fiery cauldrons. The enemies will just keep coming until you set their camp ablaze, so it’s worth dodging them and heading straight for the cauldrons.

Interactions with my co-op partner were limited. If one player dies, the other can revive them, and weakening foes together softens them up for faster executions. Performing executions activates perks and earns XP. During the more frantic fights I noticed problems with Ryse’s zoomed-in third-person camera involving the player character obscures the action. Hit detection was also off. I swung my sword at enemies that were nowhere near me and was surprised to see the attacks register. Enemies also tend to clip through objects in the environment during the slow motion executions, which strips the moment of drama. This is an early version of the Xbox One launch game, but I’m a little worried given how close we are to the console’s release.

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  • Oh great. Damnit I was all psyched man. Well 3 mo is a good chunk for devs to polish stuff like that. This game looks clean crisp and shiny-what else would one expect from Crytek? I still want but I'll stay tuned for updates. Thanks for the honest feedback.

  • Did you enjoy your time playing the game Tim?

  • I love the ancient roman culture! The real history, as well as the fictional series Spartacus and Russell Crows Gladiator. So naturally I'm psyched for this game. Cry trek makes good games. Not perfect games, but games that you know will at the very least be decent titles. The game informer editors are usually pretty close to my own tastes. So hearing that the game has issues 60 days from release, worries me. I'm crossing my fingers for this game!
  • This is the only one exclusive that even tempted me to go with Microsoft in the early days. Hope they refine it a lot more and resolve the buggy combat and characters animations. I feel like this could be an EXCELLENT game, I hope Crytek pulls off a winner with it.
  • there's still over 2 months left before launch plenty of time to clean up stuff.i'm excited for this game

  • some game's are made for a launch of a new system to show off graphics and capabilities of the new system,i believe this is one of those game's cause the graphics are stunning for the amount of stuff going on onscreen.

  • Reading the IGN piece about their experience has given me more hope after seeing the game footage at E3. Apparently it's not just a big QTE fest and there is some challenge to it. Might pick it up after all, but I will wait and see.
  • In the last picture of the gallery... does that Roman stand next to a crossbow-turret? Because if so, that's kinda dumb.
  • I'm not a big fan qte's and if this game is as loaded with them as I've seen I probably won't pick it up, as gorgeous as it looks.

  • i still am excited for this game however i wish i was a rebel fighting the romans:P

  • What a shame that this has to be an exclusive... it's literally the only reason I even entertained the idea of buying an Xbox One. That said, it looks like a lot of fun.

  • well if they zoom out and fix the hit detection and clipping, this game might be my second favorite launch title (I'm about 90% sure, watch dogs will be my favorite)