We are a month away from the next-generation consoles becoming the current-generation consoles, and then the real console wars will begin. If you need help to pass the time, perhaps one (or all) of these blogs will interest you.

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Extra Life 2013 – Team GIO Update #4
Zachary Pligge has taken on the herculean task of coordinating the involvement Game Informer's online community in the Extra Life 2013 charity event and shares a status update with this latest post.

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Scoreboard – Week 5
With a few weeks under their belts, the GIO Fantasy Football League is really heating up. Thankfully, cerpintaxman is there to bring us the highlight reel of all the action.

Community Blogs:

Single Player vs Multiplayer...Who Did It Right? Who Didn't?
WolfPackOf2 compares and contrasts the single-player and multiplayer modes from a few different popular titles while providing some thoughts on which elements worked and which ones didn't.

Why I Play Sports Games
The sports genre is overlooked by many gamers, but Saturday Morning Replay plays them and shares a page from his playbook to tell us why.

The Top 12 Accessible Games You've (Probably) Never Heard Of
Game Informer's resident expert on accessibility issues Josh Straub lists a dozen user-friendly games from the past and describes what they possess that makes them so.

My Top Ten Dinosaur Games
Eric Watson chronicles his favorite games that are sure to please any video game loving paleontologist. Who doesn't love a good dinosaur game?

The Ladies Of Dynasty Warriors: The Dangerous Vixens Of Wu
Azure Moon continues her series focusing on the ladies from the Dynasty Warriors games with this blog about the Wu and another about the Shu, which you can find here.

One Person's Trash, Another Person's Treasure
Tim Gruver discusses the popular topic involving different versions of the same game, such as special or collector editions, and the effect it has on the decision of when to buy it.

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