GIO Community!

With less than a month to go, here is another update on Game Informer's Extra Life campaign. Now is the time to start getting serious about our fundraising efforts.

Team GIO is up to 27 members and has raised $4,206.99 of our $15,000 goal. This is truly awesome. We really need to start getting more members to join the team and help raise money. Last year we had 81 members by the time the event rolled around. We are behind on that pace. But we have raised more money compared to this time last year. Remember, a bulk of our fundraising will come on the day of the event. Make sure to get the information out to everyone you can prior to the marathon, so they understand the cause/reason behind why we are dedicating an entire weekend to playing games!

The Team GIO Prize Blog is growing daily, with some amazing prizes already available. GIO members as well as developers such as Double Fine have been gracious enough to donate items to both the Team GIO raffle and the livestream giveaway. I will continue to update the page as I receive more prize donations. If you would like to donate a prize, feel free to contact me via my information below. This page also contains all the info you need concerning the raffle/raffle tickets and what to expect from the livestream. 

Finally, the Game Informer Extra Life Livestream is happening Saturday November 2nd at 8 AM and will run the entire 24 hours. A few of the editors and myself are pretty excited to be sharing this event with the community. Visit Ben Reeves' Extra Life feature for more information on the matter. If you plan on watching the stream and want to help with Team GIO's efforts, but are unable to fundraise yourself, the GIO Livestream has its own Extra Life account you can donate directly to!

Thank you to everyone that has been getting behind Game Informer's Extra Life campaign. Let's continue to work hard the next few weeks leading up to the event.


Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via my info below!


Twitter:  @PliggeTheFallen

GIO:  Zachary Pligge / PliggeTheFallen